M is for Mortgages and Multibanking

M is for Mortgages and Multibanking

The basics that help you understand mortgages.

No time to watch the video? No problem. We’ve summarized some of the key points you should know:
  • You can still dip into your savings, just not for making a big splash. The important thing is to be able to demonstrate that you’ve a regular savings habit. So if you can save €1,000 a month it shows a bank that you can pay a mortgage of €1,000 a month. Any rent payments will also be taken into account for your overall afordability.
  • Even the odd trip abroad should be fine, as long as it isn’t eating into your savings.
  • If you’re self-employed you’re considered the same as anyone who is a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) employee. The only difference is that rather than a record of your wages you need to provide two years of audited accounts.
  • Remember that although ‘Approval in Principle’ is really positive, it isn’t a guarantee you’ll get a mortgage. You still need to continue meeting all the conditions asked for, supplying any documents needed, and keep up your good money habits.
  • You can apply for a mortgage from a bank where you’re not an existing customer.

The basics that help you understand Multibanking.

What is Multibanking?

Multibanking allows KBC customers to securely and conveniently view their balances from other banks (AIB and Bank of Ireland) from within their KBC Mobile App! 

We’re delighted to be the first bank in Ireland to bring you multibanking

What does this mean?
  • You can now view your AIB and BOI bank account statements through the KBC app.  
  • You can access your Bank of Ireland and AIB Current Accounts . Depending on which types of accounts you hold, other balances may also be available
  • You can only view balances for these accounts, you cannot make payments from these accounts through the KBC App (see our FAQs)  
  • You can add as many accounts as you hold with AIB and BOI 
  • Remember: if your credentials change with either your AIB or BOI account, you will need to update your credentials on the KBC App to ensure that you can still access them. 

Check out our FAQs for more information.

How can you add Multibanking?

Step 1

Log in to the app and tap the menu

Step 2

Choose the ‘Other banks’ feature

Step 3

Pick your bank & enter the account details

Step 4

Your balance will now appear on screen