There’s a reason companies the world over are embracing sustainability: You.

Yes, You! you and people like you are proving that doing good is simply good business. Your choices demonstrate that the bottom line can’t be all about profits. A bright future depends on business of all kinds being reimagined and reinvented. At KBC, we understand this includes us. That’s why our sustainability vision is baked into our business model and  drives our values We’re on a mission to create positive, long term impact for our employees, our customers and society. This promise is led by four important pillars:

Environmental Responsibility;
Financial Literacy;
Health & Wellbeing.

The only thing preventing a better, brighter tomorrow, is the belief that someone else will create it. So we started with ourselves. By creating the kind of internal culture that fosters innovation through collaboration, we’ve developed new product solutions and selected charity partners and community initiatives close to the hearts of our people.

We’ve set goals to reflect our culture, values and beliefs about sustainability. We will drive these ambitions with our passion for positive impact. With direct input from our colleagues in 16 hubs, partners and communities, we’ve committed to several community initiatives as well as partnerships with Business in the Community, Enactus Ireland and Junior Achievement. Each one supports with KBC’s global sustainability strategy, while supporting our independent, regional ambitions.

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KBC Bank Ireland Report to Society

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Our sustainability vision is part of our business model and is across the spirit of everything we do. Read about the progress we have made in meeting the targets set within our Sustainability Framework.