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What is a sweeper?

What is a sweeper?

A sweeper is an instruction to set up on a current account to check the balance on a chosen date each month and take the funds over a specified limit (you can choose any limit that you want to set up!) and place them into a specified Smart Move Online Demand account. A sweeper initiates from a current account so only users with a live current account can have a sweeper and the funds can only be sent to a Smart Move Online Demand Account.

You can only have 1 sweeper per current account.

Setting up a sweeper on the Mobile App
To set up a sweeper, you can choose "Sweepers" under the transfer menu:

  • Once on the Manage Sweeper page, click “Add sweeper”: If this option isn’t showing, it may be because you don’t yet have a Smart Move Online Demand Account (you can add a Smart Move Online Demand Account with the "Open Account" menu).
  • Only dates between the 1st and the 28th of the month can be chosen. Please note that the date in which you get paid can differ each month depending on the dates the weekends fall. You must take this into account when choosing a date for your sweeper to take place each month.

Deleting a sweeper on the Mobile App
You can cancel a sweeper by selecting the "Sweeper" menu in the transfer section; then select the sweeper that you want to cancel and click the remove icon.

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