R is for Risks of Cyber Crime

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Believe it or not…you are a target!

Your computer, your mobile devices, your accounts and your information all have tremendous value to cyber criminals. These are some of the many ways they can make money by hacking you:

- Username & Passwords

Cyber criminals can hack into your device and install programmes that capture all your keystrokes, including your username and password. Once they have these they can log into your online accounts – from your bank account to your on-line shopping account, either stealing or spending your money.

- Email Harvesting

Once hacked, they can read your emails for information that they can sell to others, from the names, email addresses and phone numbers on your contact list to all your personal and work emails.

- Botnet

Once it’s been hacked your computer could be connected to an entire network of hacked computers - called Botnet. Criminals can then use this network to send out spam to millions of people or launch Denial of Service attacks.

- Identity Hacking

Cyber criminals can steal your online identity to commit fraud or to sell your identity as expressed in your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, your email accounts, your Skype or other IM accounts.

 - Financial

Once hacked, they can scan your system looking for valuable information such as: Your credit card information, tax records, financial investments and retirement plans.

- Extortion

Once hacked, cyber criminals can take over your computer and demand money. They do this by: Taking compromising pictures of you with your computer camera and demanding payment to not release the pictures. They can also encrypt all the data on your computer, demanding payment to decrypt it for you. They can also track all the websites you visit and threaten to publish any of them that might embarrass you.

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