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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions…

What is the difference between KBC Online Banking and KBC Mobile Banking?

Online banking is banking through our KBC website generally with a desktop or laptop computer.
Mobile banking is banking through your mobile phone via the KBC app.

Do I need to use a particular browser for KBC Online Banking?

No, however we have optimised the more recent versions of the following browsers to give you the best experience.
• Internet Explorer
• Mozilla Firefox
• Safari
• Chrome

How do I set-up a payee on Online Banking?

Prior to sending funds to a payee you will need to add their details using the ‘Payees’ option within the ‘Transfers’ section in ‘Online Banking’. You will need to provide a Name, Nickname & their International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Your Digital Key will be required to authorise payments.

How do I delete a Payee in Online Banking?

Go to the ‘Payees’ screen. Select the X icon beside the payee you wish to delete.

How do I set up a Standing Order in Online Banking?

In the 'Transfers' section, navigate to ‘Standing Orders’ and choose ‘Add a New Standing Order’.  You will need to complete the following details: From Account (Current Account only) Recipient Name, Recipient reference, their International Bank Account Number (IBAN), Amount, Frequency, Start Date.

What accounts can I set up a standing order from?

You can set up a Standing Order to come from your Current Account only.

What is a sweeper?

A sweeper is a unique feature of our Smart Move Online Demand Account. It enables you to save each month by ‘sweeping’ a remaining balance from your current account into the Smart Move Online Demand Account. You choose the balance and the date. For example, “I wish to transfer any amount over €200 remaining in my current account the day before I am paid each month”.

How do I set up a sweeper?

First you will need a Smart Move Online Demand Account. Once you have one, simply choose ‘Sweepers’ under the transfer menu. Click ‘Add a new Sweeper’.

Can I enquire about a mortgage using Online Banking?

Yes, click on the ‘Apply’ section and then to ‘Apply for a Mortgage’. Here you can start your inquiry, and a representative from KBC bank will contact you back.

How do I fund my KBC account?

You can fund your account by cheque, draft, from your current account or by external funds transfer.

Why are you asking to access my camera?

To use the IBAN scanner functionality within our mobile app, KBC needs to access your camera. This scanner allows you to take a picture of the IBAN for a payment you wish to make rather than having to enter the full IBAN. If you don’t decide to use the IBAN scanner, we will not access your camera, but you will not be able to access the KBC Mobile banking app.

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