H is for Home Buying Tips

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We’ve rounded up six of the most important things no one tells you about buying a house. You’re welcome.

1. There’s no such thing as the perfect house

Well, there is, but you probably can’t afford it - straight away.
It’s ok, though. You can make whatever you can afford into your perfect abode with time. And you’ll forget all about that ‘perfect’ house you never wanted anyway.

2. You will find out what a dado rail is

And an architrave. So many new words are going to enter your vocabulary in a very short space of time. And soon they’ll be tripping off your tongue baffling your own non-house owning friends in no time.

3. There are more shades of paint than grains of sand

And you will become well-versed in all of them.
Grey or chai tea? Pink or buttered raspberry? Orange or sunrise? It’s all ahead of you – and you thought you’d done well finding out what a dovecote was.

4.  If someone offers you free furniture

Take it. Take it all. No matter how ugly it is.
Chances are after paying solicitors, surveyors and all the other bits and bobs associated with owning your own house, you’ll have very little left over for any interior decorating.
Take that couch from your auntie’s husband’s cousin’s friend. You’ll be grateful in the long run.

5. Looking at interior magazines and expecting your house to look like that

Is like reading Vogue and expecting to be a model.
Just saying.
By all means peruse Pinterest and all those other lovely home-maker type inspiration sites, and drool to your heart’s content, but just bear in mind these are styled by professionals, photographed by professionals, and lived in by… nobody.

6. You’ll turn into someone you never thought you would

Someone who genuinely enjoys talking about property prices and home renovations.
You’ve done it. You’ve turned into someone you’ve never imagined you would be. And you’re ok with it. Mostly.


The articles contained in this First Time Buyers Guide are for reference purposes only and any views expressed in the articles are purely the personal views of the authors. You should not rely on any information relating to specific issues or make decisions without taking separate financial or other advice from appropriately qualified professional advisors.

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