Summary Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

Summary Consolidated Statement of Financial Position at 31 December 2019

2019 €'000 2019 €'000
Ordinary share capital 1,034,865 1,034,865
Capital conversion reserve fund 647 647
Share premium 10,922 10,922
Reserves 197,414 204,229
Total Equity 1,243,848 1,250,663
Parent and other bank funding 5,531,754 5,689,124
Deposits from customers 5,166,795 4,924,801
Other liabilities 257,492 239,392
Total Liabilities 10,956,041 10,853,317
Total Equity Liabilities 12,199,889 12,103,980
Balances with banks and money at call or short notice 761,923 745,175
Investment securities 1,352,162 1,310,159
Loans & advances to customers 9,740,264 9,716,796
Other assets 185,653 244,320
Fixed & Intangible assets 159,887 87,530
Total Assets 12,199,889 12,103,980

Director's Statement

These non-statutory financial statements, comprising the Summary Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and Summary Consolidated Statement of Financial Position, are not the statutory financial statements of KBC Bank Ireland plc (“the Bank”).

These non-statutory financial statements are prepared for the purposes of compliance with Section 20 of the Central Bank Act, 1971, using the information contained in the Bank’s statutory financial statements.

The statutory financial statements for 2019 will be annexed to the annual return and delivered to the Registrar before the end of October 2020. The statutory auditors of the Bank have made a report under section 391 in the form required by section 336 in respect of the statutory financial statements of the Bank for 2019.

The matters referred to in the statutory auditors’ report were unqualified, and the statutory auditors’ report did not include a reference to any matters to which the statutory auditors drew attention by way of emphasis without qualifying the report.

Approved by the Directors on 5 March 2020
Approved by the Board on 5 March 2020

Luc Popelier - Chairperson
Frank Jansen - Chief Financial Officer
Peter Roebben - Chief Executive
Damian O’Neill - Company Secretary