Payment Initiation Services (PIS)

What is PIS?

The payment APIs, which follow the oAuth2 framework, will enable your application to initiate a SEPA payment from a KBC customer’s online payment account, with their explicit and authorised consent.

The process should begin by your application obtaining an explicit consent for the payment from a customer and then requesting the customer to authorise the consent using their KBC online banking/mobile banking credentials. Once the consent has been authorised, your application will be able to request the execution of the payment.

The payment APIs will enable your application to check the status of the consent authorisation and payment execution.

Who is it for?

• Third party payment service providers
• Financial services firms


KBC Ireland has provided the following endpoints to allow the initiation and execution of a payment from the application.

PIS - Domestic Payments  
Endpoints Description
POST /domestic-payment-consents Create a domestic payment consent record.
GET /domestic-payment-consents/{ConsentId} Retrieve the domestic payment consent record to check its status.
GET /domestic-payment-consents/{ConsentId}/funds-confirmation Confirm funds on a domestic-payment-consent.
POST /domestic-payments Create a domestic payment record. This API should be used to execute the authorised payment.
GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId} Retrieve the domestic payment record to check its status.
PIS - Domestic Standing Orders  
Endpoints Description
POST /domestic-standing-order-consents Create a domestic standing order consent record.
GET /domestic-standing-order-consents/{ConsentId} Retrieve the domestic standing order consent to check its status.
POST /domestic-standing-orders Submit the domestic standing order for processing.
GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId} Retrieve the domestic standing order to check its status.

These endpoints comply with the Payment Initiation API Specification of the Open Banking standards. Detailed documentation of our implementation is available post registration.

A outline for the payments flow can be seen below (source: Open Banking): 

Responsive Image

Additional Information

KBC Ireland offers dedicated digital channels for its personal and business customers. This essentially means that the authorisation endpoints for a personal login and a business login will be different. We recommend that all third party applications use the following for KBC Ireland in their listing of Banks – KBC Personal Login and KBC Business Login.

KBC Ireland will support both web redirection and mobile application redirection for consent authorisation for its personal customers.  The TPP application on a mobile device will be able to deep link into the KBC Ireland mobile application. In the event the customer does not have the mobile application installed on their device, they can expect that the TPP application will automatically redirect the customer to KBC Ireland online banking website,  using the web-redirect method.

KBC Ireland will support only web redirection for its business customers.

Please read this document (pdf, 176 KB) for more information on the KBCI Authorisation flow.


September 13, 2019 – APIs are now live. Register your application using our Dynamic Registration APIs.