Dynamic Registration

What is Dynamic Registration?

The dynamic registration API will allow you to register your application and get a unique client identifier and client secret for the application. These credentials are needed for your application to access all other APIs.

Who is it for?

Third party payment service providers


KBC Ireland has provided the following endpoints to allow the initiation and execution of a payment from the application.

Dynamic Registration  
Endpoints Description
POST /register Register a new oAuth client.
GET /register/{ClientId} Retrieve details of an existing client.
PUT /register/{ClientId} Modify an existing client.
DELETE /register/{ClientId} Delete an existing client. Note – deleting a client will invalidate all tokens. All consent records created for that client will not be accessible any more. Deletion cannot be reversed.

Additional Information

Please read this document (pdf, 369 KB) for more information on the payload of the POST and PUT endpoints


Dynamic registration API is now live.