Why Invest with KBC?

Investments that put you at the centre

Whatever your financial goals, if you decide to invest with KBC, you can avail of our personalised investment Advisory Service to help you achieve them.

Our approach keeps you at the centre. So first, we need to know what kind of investor you are. Your dedicated adviser will help you make this decision. We’ll start with your financial situation and your needs. These are the characteristics that determine who you are as an investor.

KBC Asset Management

Your investment fund will be managed for KBC Bank Ireland by KBC Asset Management who have 65 years of experience in the fund management field. KBC Asset Management is part of the same group as KBC Bank Ireland.

Features of KBC Investment Funds

  • Risks are spread
  • You can buy into a fund from as little as €125
  • Fund managers use their expertise to invest the fund’s assets in the best possible way
  • You don’t have to keep close track of the markets and your investments each day

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