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What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is simply an investment fund where the money of all investors is pooled together. The assets of the fund are then mutually owned by the investors. Having a well managed mutual fund means that individual investors can spread their money across a much greater number of assets than they could if they simply invested by themselves. Mutual funds differ from unit-linked investments in that, with the latter, the investor doesn’t actually own any of the assets, instead, they buy an insurance contract which allows them to benefit from the assets in the fund.

All KBCI Investment funds are mutual funds.

What is the minimum amount of investment in a KBC investment?

You can invest in KBC mutual funds from as little as €125 per month.

What are KBC Investment fees & charges?

All KBC investment funds have a 1% entry fee.
There is no fee or charge for encashing all or part of your investment at any time. Our investment funds also have an annual management fee which differs according to the fund chosen – your investment specialist will explain these to you in full during your meeting. Our historic returns, where quoted, are always net of the management fee.

You can consult the details of Fees and charges in our Regulation, Compliance and Risk Control toolbox
or the Funds Fact sheets available here

Is there an exit penalty?

There is no exit penalty or charge for redeeming your investment whenever this should happen.

How do I determine the best investment for myself?

Your investment specialist will talk to you about your plans, your time horizon, customer profile, knowledge and experience and financial situation. Using this information, they will make a recommendation based on which options will best suit your needs. You are then free to take this recommendation or to choose an alternative option.

Do I need to manage my investments daily? How can I do this?

There is no need for you to manage your investment funds at all. One of the benefits of investing with KBC is that our colleagues in KBC Asset Management have 69 years’ experience managing investment funds. KBC Asset Management actively manage all of our Funds. They closely monitor market events and conditions, reacting where necessary so you don’t need to. You can check the valuation of your investments on a daily basis through our website, contact your investment specialist or check the value on your mobile banking app.

Is there a minimum period I must invest for?

There is no minimum period that you must invest for and you are free to encash some or all of your investment at any time, without exit penalty. That said, investments are best viewed as a medium to long term savings option and we would recommend that you only invest money that you don’t think you will need for at least 3 years. Different options have different recommended holding periods and your investment specialist will be happy to discuss this with you.

What tax is charged on my KBC investment?

Full taxation information can be found here.

How do I enter into a KBC investment fund?

To get started, simply book an appointment to see our investment specialist or call your local hub to arrange an appointment at a time that suits. Don’t forget that we are open late on Thursdays and also open on Saturdays