Advisory Service

How does the advisory process work?

  1. Drop into one of our Hubs or call 1800 51 52 53 to arrange a meeting with one of our Mobile Advisors.
  2. If you wish to receive advice, we will talk to you about our free Investment Advisory Service.
  3. Complete a risk questionnaire together with your Investment Specialist. This allows us to determine your risk profile and to provide you with the most suitable investment options.
  4. The Advisory Service does not stop here, each time you make an investment we will provide several product suitability checks to ensure you and your investment goals remain aligned.

What happens when I make an investment?

  1. You will first need a KBC Current Account or a KBC Demand Savings Account.
  2. Your KBC Investment Specialist will assist you in placing your funds into the Investment Fund that’s most suited to you.
  3. When investing in a KBC Investment Fund, you as Beneficial Investor, appoint KBC as nominee to act on your behalf.*

This Advisory Service is also available for Structured Deposits.
*For more information on Beneficial Investor: Nominee Relationship, please refer to our Investment Fund Terms and Conditions.

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A question of risk

We will help you complete a KBC Investment Risk Questionnaire, which is designed to determine your risk profile. This risk questionnaire provides;
An Objective Assessment focused on:

  • Your investment knowledge and experience
  • Your financial situation and personal circumstances
  • Your Investment objectives
A Subjective Assesment focused on:
  • Your investment goals
  • Risk-related parameters
4 Risk Profiles
The Risk Questionnaire will ascertain your distinct risk profile which then corresponds to a particular type of investment fund. Your Investment Specialist will bring you through these in more detail:
  1. Very defensive risk profile > suggests an investment fund that includes bonds and cash
  2. Defensive risk profile > suggests a higher ratio of bonds to equity
  3. Dynamic risk profile > suggests an equal ratio of equity and bonds
  4. Very dynamic risk profile > suggests a higher ratio of equity over bonds

The right fund

Our advisory service doesn’t only suggest a suitable risk profile. On each occasion you wish to make an investment, we will check that your risk profile is still right for you.

This ensures our on-going commitment to matching you with the most suitable Investment Fund for you. For example, are you prepared to take more risk in exchange for the possibility of a higher return? A portfolio spread across different asset classes might be the solution for you.

Book an appointment

You will be able to avail of our one to one investment service by speaking to your very own Investment Specialist who will be your personal contact:

Drop into one of our Hubs or call 1800 51 52 53 to arrange a meeting with one of our Mobile Advisors.