Interest Upfront Savings Account

You open the account, we pay the interest upfront. It's that simple!

  • Withdrawals are only permitted at end of term
  • We pay the interest by electronic transfer to the designated customer account
  • 12 month fixed term
  • Minimum balance is €3,000
  • Maximum balance is €1,500,000

New Interest Upfront Savings

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Interest is paid upfront – 16 days after you’ve set up the account and we’ve received your cleared funds

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This product is open to ROI Residents only, or Irish Citizens residing in certain jurisdictions. Please contact us for further information if you are an Irish citizen not resident within the Republic of Ireland.

Terms and Conditions apply

AER means Annual Equivalent Rate and assumes that the interest is paid and not reinvested. Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention tax (DIRT). If you invest in this account, you will not have access to your money for the duration of the term. Interest is paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (16 Days after receipt of cleared funds by KBC Bank Ireland). Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) where applicable. Rates effective from 20th July 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

Read or download the full details of the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 424 KB).

Unless we receive instruction(s) from you on or before the maturity date, the full balance in the account will be reinvested in a similar fixed term product at the prevailing interest rate for that product on that date. If on the maturity date there is no similar fixed term product available, the full balance in the account will be reinvested in our Standard Demand Deposit account earning the then prevailing Standard Demand Deposit Account interest rate.