Lifestyle Extra PRSA - Built around you

For investors who want more choice

  • An advised journey where we get your risk profile, assess your suitability for different products and make recommendations.
  • Access to a wider range of funds including our ExpertEase range, the default investment strategy MyAutoinvest, and a cash fund.
  • Flexibility to increase, decrease or pause your contributions as well as topping up your savings with once-off contributions.
  • Start with as little as €25 per month or €300 per year.
  • Paperless pension – all documents are stored in your app.
  • Review your fund performance in app. Keep up to date with investment fund commentaries from our experts and perform fund switches

Tell me more about the KBC Lifestyle Extra PRSA

How is my money invested?

Our Lifestyle Extra PRSA gives you 8 different investment options.
So you can prioritise investing in your comfort zone, we offer 6 ExpertEase funds. These multi-asset investment strategies help you personalise your investment to match your attitude to risk.
We also offer the KBC Lifestyle Cash Fund - our most defensive investment strategy that provides very modest returns.
Or you can choose MyAutoinvest instead. This is our default investment strategy and means you don’t have to make any investment decisions on an ongoing basis. Your money is invested to suit your life stage and the remaining term to your chosen retirement date. If you’ve a while to go to retirement, your money is invested in higher risk assets for potentially higher returns. But as you move closer to retirement, we move your money into lower risk investments.

Keep on track with your phone

Control everything with a tap in app. Set your retirement goal and track it. Check in on your fund balance or pension performance any time.

You can make additional top-ups, increase, decrease or even pause your contributions.
The app is also home to all of your documents, including your 6-monthly and annual statements.

How do I make the most of my tax savings?

You can claim tax relief on your contributions at your current rate of income tax. It’s worth noting that the maximum contributions you can claim tax on depend on your age. This table is a handy guide.

Age Bracket % of Net Relevant Earnings
Under 30 15%
30 - 39 20%
40-49 25%
50-54 30%
55-59 35%
60 and over 40%

When calculating tax relief, there’s a maximum earning of €115,000 per year that can be taken into account.
Please note: contribution tax relief isn’t automatically guaranteed and is determined by the Revenue Commissioners, not KBC.

What happens when I retire?

Most people draw down their pension between 60 and 75 (there are some early retirement exceptions based on ill health or certain occupations). You can take up to 25% of your pension fund as a lump sum and up to €200,000 of this lump sum may be tax free (subject to overall Revenue limits). This handy table explains what happens for different amounts.

Up to €200,000 Tax Free
€200,001 to €500,000 Standard rate of 20%
Over €500,000 Your marginal rate of tax and subject to USC.

You may have a number of other options available so when the time comes, we’ll help you decide what works for you.

Pensions done differently.

We’re shaking things up with a new and revolutionary way to take out and manage your PRSA! You can now use our app to open and manage your pension: it’s that easy!

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Get to know Expert Ease from KBC

Your pension is unique to you and at KBC, we believe that planning for your retirement should be exciting, not stressful! That’s why we’ve created a simple process that lets you personalise your investment to match your attitude to risk. So, whatever your financial circumstances, investment experience or retirement goal, we can offer you a strategy that suits your personal comfort zone.
ExpertEase funds automatically reduce your exposure to risk when necessary. On the flipside, they also make the most of opportunities to generate return, while keeping you in your comfort zone. Our funds are continuously monitored and are rebalanced daily to keep you in your chosen lane.

What is Comfort Zone Investing?

It’s all about making your money work hard for you while keeping you comfortable, regardless of market conditions. When you stay in your comfort zone, you’re less likely to make choice you might regret later.
We see your Comfort Zone as having three dimensions: 

  • Upside potential: This is the reason we all invest – to achieve the best possible return!
  • Downside risk: We all know the value of investments can fluctuate. But we don’t all feel the same about losses – our comfort zones are different. If you suffer a loss outside of your comfort zone, you may turn your back on the market at the wrong time. We want to avoid this.
  • Time horizon: Your PRSA is a medium to long term investment. This means your chosen investment strategy usually has a reasonable chance to make good any losses along with way.

Which fund should I invest in?

We’ve got your back on this one and will do the hard work for you. We’ll ask you a few financial questions to learn about your risk attitude and tolerance, your financial knowledge and to see how you feel about uncertainty. Then we can identify your risk profile, which is made up of two parts:
Your Investor Profile:
  • Very Defensive
  • Defensive
  • Dynamic
  • Very Dynamic  
Your Loss Tolerance:
  • Careful
  • Balanced
  • Neutral
  • Progressive
We can then recommend the most suitable ExpertEase fund for your comfort zone, and we’ll also show you funds of similar risk levels. You’re involved without dedicating lots of time to picking and managing your funds – we’ll take care of that for you.
We know that your attitude to risk or your financial situation can change at any time, so you’re free to switch your fund in-app at any stage, at no extra cost.

How the ExpertEase Investment Strategy works

Each ExpertEase fund is built with three main blocks of balanced funds. Each block corresponds to an ‘investment signal’ that determines what percentage is allocated to equity, bonds and other assets (like cash or real estate). The weighting for each block/signal varies, differentiating the level of risk for each fund.
Investment Signals
Each of our three signals or blocks strikes their own individual balance between upside potential and risk of loss. So each will behave differently within the same markets conditions. Here’s more about the signals:

  1. Fundamental analysis: Follows the KBC investment strategy and so is based on views taken by our economists and analysts on economic trends and outlook. Develops an optimum allocation of equity, bonds, cash etc. for each profile.
  2. Trend signal: Seeks out trends in the recent performance of equity and bonds on a continuous basis. Builds up positions in the best-performing assets and reduces them in weaker ones.
  3. Brake signal: Normally, this signal points to investing in equity and bonds in line with your risk profile. However, if the markets falls or it’s nervous, this will indicate a need to be more cautious and replace risky assets with less risky ones.

Essentially, each signal strikes its own balance between upside potential and risk of loss. They can be invested differently under the same circumstances and may react differently to changing market conditions.

Tell me about the charges

There’s a contribution charge of 2.5% on each contribution you make. However, the good news is that this charge doesn’t apply to pension transfers into your KBC Lifestyle Extra PRSA.
The annual fund management charge for these portfolios ranges from 0.5% - 1.45% of the value of your PRSA. It’s calculated on a daily basis and reflected in your fund value.
Portfolio Annual Fund Management Charge
MyAutoinvest 0.9%
ExpertEase Careful Defence 0.95%
ExpertEase Balanced Defence 1.35%
ExpertEase Progressive Defence  1.35%
ExpertEase Balanced Approach  1.40%
ExpertEase Progressive Approach  1.40%
ExpertEase Progressive Opportunity 1.45%
KBC Lifestyle Cash 0.50%

Education Hub

Pensions can seem complex, but they don’t have to be. We’ve answered some of the most-asked questions to make your retirement planning that little bit easier.

Check out our Pensions 101 guide for the ultimate crash course! Then have a look at our Pensions Journey Roadmap and our Help Hub for useful resources like videos and blogs.

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Table of fund pricing: 

Fund Name: Fund Price at 21/10/2020: 1 month
performance at 21/10/2020:
3 month performance at 21/10/2020: 6 month performance at 21/10/2020: YTD performance at 21/10/2020:
MyAutoinvest equity funds €1,056.34 2.79% 1.64% 15.39% -2.90%
MyAutoinvest bond funds €996.85 0.51% 1.64% 4.72% 1.56%
MyAutoinvest cash funds N/A* N/A N/A N/A N/A

*the cash fund currently has no contributions invested in it, so does not have a unit price.

Fund Name: Fund Price at 21/10/2020: 1 month
performance at 21/10/2020:
ExpertEase Careful Defence €1,011.39 0.76%
ExpertEase Balanced Defence €1,008.09 0.73%
ExpertEase Progressive Defence €1,011.31 0.78%
ExpertEase Balanced Approach €1,015.80 1.30%
ExpertEase Progressive Approach €1,011.11 1.02%
ExpertEase Progressive Opportunity €1,012.67 1.29%
Lifestyle Cash €998.14 -0.06%

Important Information

We recommend that all customers take the time to read our KBC Life and Pensions Data Protection Notice and Terms of Business (pdf, 171KB).
Read our Remuneration Summary Document (pdf, 73 KB)

*As at December 2019.

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

Warning: The value of your investments may go down as well as up

Warning: If you invest in these funds you may lose some or all of the money you invest

Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates

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