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Get one of the lowest rates on the market^ with a KBC Current Account.  Find out how much you could borrow, what your repayments will be or how much you can save by moving your mortgage to KBC. Mortgage Calculator
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Award Winning Mortgages

With one of the lowest rates on the market (with a KBC Current Account), we’ve got what you’re looking for^:

  • Up to 90% finance. Up to 35 year terms
  • Rates from 2.90% (3.05% APRC) fixed or 3.00% (3.06% APRC) variable with the Current Account offer
  • 50% off KBC Home Insurance for 1 year for new residential mortgages**
  • 2017 Best Value First-time Buyer Mortgage Award

​^:  Source: November 2017


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Welcome to the KBC Bank mortgage video library. These videos are full of useful information and guidance to support you on every step of the mortgage journey.

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Terms and conditions

The reduced new business rate (with a KBC Current Account) of 2.90% (APRC 3.05%) Fixed is based on a 1 Year <50% Loan to Value (LTV), the reduced new business rate (with a KBC Current Account) of 3.00% Variable (APRC 3.06%) is based on a LTV of <50%. At the end of the fixed rate period a variable rate will apply. Information correct as at 24th November 2017.

**Offer ends 31st March 2018. Excludes Buy to Let properties. 50% Off only applies in the first year. If the KBC Home Insurance policy is cancelled before the first 12 months has expired, KBC reserves the right to request the customer to refund the balance of the premium. KBC Home Insurance products are exclusively underwritten, administered and provided by Zurich Insurance plc, subject to Zurich Insurance underwriting terms and conditions. Zurich Insurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

1Geographical exclusions may apply for the mobile mortgage team.

Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. The property is mortgaged to secure the loan. Life and home insurance are required. The maximum loan amount will typically not exceed 3.5 times an individual’s gross annual income. The maximum mortgage is 90% of the property value. As a general rule, loan amounts are subject to monthly repayments of a maximum of 50% of disposable income and will vary according to individual circumstances. A typical variable rate mortgage of €100,000 over 240 months costs €619 per month at 4.25% (APRC 4.35%). The total amount repayable is €148,616. A 1% rise in interest rate will increase this payment by €55 per month. APRC = Annual Percentage Rate of Charge and consists of a variable borrowing rate of 4.25%, valuation fee of €126.97 and security release fee of €38. Information correct as at 2nd May 2017. Rates may vary over the term of a mortgage. 



Current Account Mortgage Discount

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Calculator terms
This isn’t an official mortgage offer but it will let you know how much you could borrow so you can start doing the sums.
This mortgage calculator is only applicable for loans in respect of your principle private dwelling and is not applicable for residential investment property loans or top ups. The mortgage calculator allows you to calculate repayments or estimate the likely extent of any loan which may be available to you, please note that such quotation is for illustrative and guidance purposes only, is non-binding and is subject to change. It is not an offer of a loan. No quotation or estimate shall be capable of acceptance unless and until it is contained in a formal letter of offer issued by KBC Bank Ireland and signed by both KBC Bank Ireland and the customer. All letters of offer will be accompanied by the full terms and conditions which will apply to the facility in question. Rates are provided for information purposes only. They do not form part of an advertisement.

The repayment results calculated are based on current offered rates for Mortgages. Fixed rate repayment is applicable for the first year only. After year one, the prevailing new business LTV variable rates apply to the mortgage amount; this rate will be determined by the Loan to Value at initial drawdown. Any repayment estimates provided by the 'What will my repayment be' calculation shall be exclusive of any Tax Relief at Source (TRS) receivable. The rates quoted are effective from 2nd May 2017. The switch and save calculator is for indicative purposes only and the possible saving is based on a monthly saving amount with a variable rate.

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