Buy to Let

If you're looking to invest in the residential property market, talk to us about our wide range of Buy to Let mortgages.

Our Residential Buy to Let Mortgage Features include:
  • Up to 70% finance
  • Loan terms of up to 20 years
  • Great range of fixed and variable rates

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Terms and conditions

Where the purpose of the loan is to Purchase or Remortgage a property that is not intended for use as a family home, where the amount of the loan is more than €75,000 and does not exceed €1,500,000, KBCI will appoint one of its Panel Solicitors to act on its behalf and liaise with the borrowers and their Solicitor directly. The legal costs of KBCI shall be up to €1250 plus VAT and outlay in respect of the property over which the KBCI is taking security. These costs shall be paid by the Borrower in cleared funds directly to the KBCI's solicitor on closing.