Instant Interest Fixed Rate

Saving for a rainy day just got simpler

  • Only available to sole applicants, exclusively through our Online Banking Service
  • Interest accrued can be withdrawn directly to your KBC Current Account only by calling our Customer Service team on 1800 51 52 53
  • Rate of 0.10% (0.10% AER)
  • 15 Month Fixed Term
  • Minimum Balance €3,000
  • Maximum Balance €100,000
  • Interest rate fixed for the term
  • Withdrawals of capital only permitted at end of term
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Important Information

Instant Interest Fixed Rate - Only available to sole applicants exclusively through our Online Banking Service. If you hold a Joint Current Account you must also hold a KBC Deposit Account in your sole name in order to open an Instant Interest Fixed Rate Account.

AER means Annual Equivalent Rate and shows what the interest rate would be if the interest was compounded and paid each year (instead of monthly or over any other period).

Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (where applicable). Rates subject to availability. Unless the Bank receives instruction(s) from you on or before the maturity date, the full balance in the account will be reinvested in a similar fixed term product at the prevailing interest rate for that product on that date.

If on the maturity date there is no similar fixed term product available, the full balance in the account will be reinvested in our Standard Demand Deposit account earning the then prevailing Standard Demand Deposit Account interest rate.

Information correct as at 28th November 2019. Terms and Conditions apply.

Read the full details of the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 424 KB).