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What do I need to open a Current Account?

Existing customers

We like to make things as simple as possible for our existing customers so if you are already a KBC customer you probably won’t need to provide any more ID. If we do need anything, we’ll let you know.

New customers

If you are applying for a current account in one of our Hubs you will need to provide one original proof of photo ID and one original proof of address verification (issued in the last 6 months).

If you are applying online or over the phone you will need to provide two proofs of photo ID and two proofs of address verification (issued within the last 6 months).

To make it easier you can email a clear scan/photo of your documents proofs to us at or post photocopies to us at:

KBC Current Account Team,
FREEPOST, PO Box 8666,
KBC Bank Ireland plc, Sandwith Street,
Dublin 2

Can I access cash?

Your KBC Day to Day Debit Card allows you to access cash at any ATM that displays the MasterCard logo or cashback through participating retailers. Please note you cannot access cash in a KBC hub.

Can I use my card online?

Yes, you can make online purchases/payments anywhere you see the MasterCard logo. When you use your card online, you may be asked to go through the MasterCard Secure process and a onetime password will be sent to your phone.

Lost/Stolen Cards

You can report a card lost or stolen and order a replacement card through the KBC app by simply tapping the card image and selecting the Lost/Stolen button.

Your replacement card will be available to use immediately in your digital wallet, or you can load the card to your digital wallet if you have not already done so.

Lost/Stolen card reporting on KBC Mobile Banking app

You can also phone our 24 hour helpline on 1800 936 287 or 353 1 634 79 63

How can I lodge a cheque to my KBC Current Account or Deposit Account?

You can lodge a cheque to your KBC Current Account or Deposit Account (where the account allows) by visiting one of our Hubs or posting the cheque along with your account details to: 

KBC Bank Ireland Plc,
PO Box 12421, Sandwith Street,
Dublin 2

How do I lodge an “a/c payee only” cheque?
A cheque which is crossed with “a/c payee only” must be lodged directly into the KBC current account or deposit account of the named payee. Cheques crossed with “a/c payee only” can also be lodged to a KBC joint account where one account holder has the same name as the account payee on the cheque.

How can I reduce my fees and charges?

Visit our Current Account homepage to find out how you can reduce your fees. Some simple ways to reduce fees include;

  • Ask for cashback when buying things to avoid using the ATM*
  • If you maintain a minimum daily credit balance of €2,000 in your Current Account you won’t have to pay any ATM** or cheque processing fees
  • Use online banking to pay bills and outgoings by direct debit/standing order or credit transfer
  • Check your balance regularly and know your payment dates

*Cashback is at the retailers' discretion and a purchase is required. A minimum amount may be necessary.
**Non Euro fees and charges may apply.

Can I transfer foreign currency into my KBC Current Account?

No, all transfers must be denominated in Euro.

Can I transfer funds from my KBC Sterling Account into my KBC Current Account?

No, all transfers must be denominated in Euro.

How do I set up my KBC Online Banking?

Online Banking is automatically set up for all current account holders upon account activation. You will receive your unique customer number which will allow you to access Online Banking. Learn more about how to set up your online and mobile banking.

Can I get a cheque and how much will this cost?

You must send us written instruction if you wish to withdraw money from your account by means of a cheque. Once we have received your written instruction we will process and post the cheque to the address we have for you on file. The cost for this service is €3.17 per cheque.

What is a BIC number?

The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is a number unique to each bank which is used when making automated payments.

The SWIFT or BIC number for KBC Bank Ireland is as follows: ICONIE2D

What is the difference between a standing order and a direct debit and how each can be cancelled?

A Direct Debit is an agreement between you and the organisation you're paying, which allows them to take money out of your account at regular intervals. The organisation will set this up and they can alter the amount being paid upon your instruction. Direct Debits are ideal for paying bills that can vary from month to month such as gas and electricity. If you wish to cancel a Direct Debit you must contact the organisation directly.

A Standing Order is an automatic regular payment but the amount is fixed. You can set up a Standing Order and only you can make changes to it such as change the amount or payment date. You can cancel a Standing Order via your Online Banking.

How can I update my address?

You can use either Online Banking or Mobile Banking to update your address. 

Alternatively, you can post an original signed instruction stating your account number and your new address to KBC Bank, Sandwith St, Dublin 2.

Why is there a difference between my current and available balance?

Your current balance may not include any recent debit card transactions you have made. It can take up to 5 days for the merchant to update this and to affect your current balance. Your available balance should include all transactions on your account to date, the available balance is the amount you have available to spend. The first screen on your mobile app shows your current balance. Click on this to see the next screen which shows your current and available balance.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN you can ask for a PIN reminder on our Mobile Banking App or our Online Banking website. You can also phone 1800 93 92 44 for assistance. 

Can I get cash back on my card?

Yes, you can get cash back wherever you see the MasterCard logo, subject to the policies of participating shops and outlets. Cashback is at the discretion of the retailer.

Can I use my card abroad?

Yes, you can use your card abroad anywhere you see the MasterCard logo, subject to fees and charges. Please contact us to notify us if you are planning on travelling abroad.

Can I put additional cardholders on my account?

No, if it is a single account. Only Joint Accounts can have more than one cardholder.

Will I be charged for ATM Transactions?

Subject to the Schedule of Fees and Charges you may be charged per ATM transaction. If you are using an ATM outside the Republic of Ireland please refer to our Fees & Charges Booklet (pdf, 71 KB).

What ATM access will I have?

You can use any ATM, nationally and internationally, wherever you see the MasterCard logo.

Do I need to activate my debit card?

No, when you receive your debit card just use it as you would normally at an ATM, online or via point of sale.

What do I do if I block my card?

If your card is blocked please call us on phone 1800 93 92 44 for assistance. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem using my debit card?

Contact our customer service team on 1800 93 92 44.

What happens if I do not recognise a transaction on my account?

If you do not recognise a transaction on your account, you can contact our customer service team on 1800 93 92 44

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