Bonus Regular Saver Offer

We’re always thinking of ways to help your money go further. As an added extra on your KBC Current Account we’re offering a bonus rate of 0.75% AER on top of the KBC Regular Saver. That means a whopping 1.00% Gross/AER!

Please note: Please note: Effective from the 18th November 2019, the optional KBC Current Account bonus rate on Regular Saver Accounts will no longer be available. The standard rate of 0.25% (0.25% AER variable) will continue to apply to your Regular Saver Account.

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KBC Current Account

  • No charges for electronic payments into or out of your account
  • Contactless debit card with free Debit Card purchases in store, online or over the phone
  • Free Cashback*
  • Free Contactless Debit Card purchases
  • Free Direct Debits & Standing Orders
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking
  • Competitive overdraft lending rates available

Other fees and charges may apply

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KBC Regular Saver

  • Accounts can be funded by Standing Order and/or Credit Transfers.^
  • Maximum Balance €50,000^^^
  • Save €100 to €1,000 each month per account.
  • No lump sum lodgements allowed
  • Maximum of two monthly payment breaks allowed each calendar year ^^
  • Withdraw funds on demand


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Important Information

  • *CashBack is at the retailers discretion and a purchase is required. A minimum amount may be necessary.
  • ^Maximum two individuals on the account.
  • ^^To take a payment break you must cancel your Standing Order and give instruction to reinstate the Standing Order for your next payment.
  • ^^^Once this limit is reached, the entire balance (and any continuing standing order lodgements) will earn interest at the Standard Demand Deposit Account interest rate.
  • Only available to Personal Customers.
  • No lump sum lodgements allowed to the Regular Saver Account.
  • Only one single and one joint Regular Saver Account permitted per individual. AER means Annual Equivalent Rate.
  • Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (where applicable and applied annually on the 30th December).
  • Rates subject to availability.
  • Information correct as of 29th May 2019.
  • Terms and conditions apply to the KBC Current Account and KBC Regular Saver.
  • KBC Bank Ireland plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Terms and Conditions

  • To avail of the optional bonus rate, the Current Account and the Regular Saver Account must be in the same name, which can be either in a sole or joint account name. In addition you must set up a monthly standing order and/or credit transfer from your KBC Current Account to a new KBC Regular Saver Account.
  • The optional bonus rate will be applied to your KBC Regular Saver Account until further notice. We will provide you with 30 days notice through prior to the optional bonus rate will be discontinued, After the expiry of the 30 day notice period the interest rate on your Regular Saver Account will revert to the then prevailing KBC Regular Saver Rate and the optional bonus rate interest shall no longer apply.
  • If you close your KBC Current Account during the term of this offer, you will not be entitled to the optional bonus rate on the KBC Regular Saver Account.
  • If you cease to make payments to your KBC Regular Saver Account during the term of this offer (outside the payment breaks permitted by the KBC Regular Saver Account), you will no longer be entitled to the optional bonus rate on your KBC Regular Saver Account.
  • All other terms and conditions applicable to the KBC Current Account and KBC Regular Saver Account shall continue to apply to the respective accounts.