Current account

The KBC Current account comes with great benefits and now you can open your account online in minutes.

  • Get your IBAN in minutes when you apply online
  • Free Contactless Debit Card purchases
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking
  • Bonus rates on personal loans, mortgages and regular savings^
  • Use your KBC debit card with Android PayApple Pay & Fitbit Pay

^Bonus offers are subject to availability.
Other fees and charges including ATM charges if used, apply.

New Current Account

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You can now apply and upload your document online, meaning you get your IBAN (account number) in minutes! 

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Our Current Account is simple to set up, filled with free features and available anywhere, anytime. You be you, we'll be your bank.

  • Free Contactless Debit Card purchases
  • Free Cashback*
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking
  • Free Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • Competitive Overdraft lending rates available
  • Bonus rates on personal loans, mortgages and regular savings with a KBC Current Account.^

Join the thousands who’ve moved to KBC and enjoy a great value current account. Apply online, over the phone or pop into one of our Hubs.

Comparison Calculator

See how much you could save with KBC

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Information and fees correct as at 04/09/2017.

^Payments refer to Direct Debits, Standing Orders, online & phone transactions.
Fees information sourced from

Important Information

The comparison calculator allows you to calculate an estimate of the likely savings which may be available to you should you switch your current account to KBC Bank Ireland.  Please note that this estimate is for illustrative and guidance purposes only to demonstrate the savings that could be made between a KBC Current Account and alternative Current Account providers.  It is based on the limited information that you have provided and does not consider your individual financial circumstances. KBC Bank Ireland therefore makes no representation or warranty as to the suitability of the KBC Current Account for your needs.  The estimate is not binding on KBC Bank Ireland and is subject to change.  
Source of information: All information and fees and & charges included in the calculator have been obtained from a publicly available source ( KBC accepts no responsibility or liability for this information. All KBC Current Accounts are subject to terms and conditions.  KBC Bank Ireland accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage caused or arising from or in connection with your use of the comparison calculator or any reliance you place on the estimate generated by the comparison calculator.  


Free features, for the kind of life that doesn’t like bank charges.

  • Free Debit Card purchases
  • Free Cashback*
  • Free Direct Debits
  • Free Standing Orders
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking

Debit Card

Free Cashback & Contactless Payment

Get cashback* in store for free and avoid those annoying ATM charges.

Your contactless KBC Debit Card allows you to pay for items up to €30 in seconds by just passing your card over the machine.

KBC MasterPass

KBC MasterPass allows you to store your card data and delivery address into a digital wallet which makes online shopping faster, easier and more secure. Register your card details here.

(Please note when you click the link you will be brought to the MasterPass website)

Secure Online Shopping

Your KBC Debit Card is protected by MasterCard SecureCode. We will send you a secret one-time code by SMS to protect against unauthorised use when you shop online. No more passwords to remember!

Priceless Ireland

Enjoy exclusive offers, benefits and the MasterCard experience with your KBC Debit Card when you register at

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*Cashback is at the discretion of the retailer and a purchase is required. A minimum payment may be necessary.  Annual Government Stamp Duty/tax of €2.50 is charged when you use your card at an ATM or Point of Sale (POS). If you use your card at both ATM and POS the tax is €5. Only available to those aged 17 years or over.


Applying for an Overdraft could not be easier!

If you live the kind of life that likes peace of mind, our overdraft facility is helpful for handling life’s little emergencies. Setting up your safety net is simple:

Apply Online

Apply in any KBC Hub or by phone on 1800 51 52 53.

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Lending Criteria, terms and conditions apply.

Fees and Charges

If you live the kind of life that doesn’t like being charged for everything, you’ll love how much you can do for free with the bank of you.

No fees for...

  • Online and Mobile banking
  • Electronic payments into or out of your account
  • Direct debit set up or processing
  • Standing order set up or processing
  • When you use your card in store, online and over the phone
  • ATM or cheque processing if you maintain a minimum daily credit balance of €2,000 in your Current Account each fee paying quarter
  • Account transactions for the over 60's and students

Other fees and charges apply

Account and transaction fees made clear and simple

  • Quarterly Fee €6.00*
  • ATM Withdrawals €0.30 each*
  • Cheque Lodgements €0.30 each*

Everything you need to know is in your Current Account Fees & Charges booklet. If you have any questions or if you would like anyone to explain any part of it - please just ask.

*Customers aged 60 years or over are exempt from Account Transaction Fees (Account Maintenance Fees, ATM Transaction Fees and Cheque Lodgement Processing Fees).

*CashBack is at the retailers discretion and a purchase is required. A minimum amount may be necessary.

^Bonus offers are subject to availability.

Other fees and charges including ATM charges if used, apply.

Terms and conditions

Full details of the Terms and Conditions can be found here.