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You’ve better things to do with your time than look at loads of different life insurance policies. This innovative approach rolls Life Insurance Cover, Bill Cover and Specified Illness Cover into one.

One direct debit, one plan, one policy fee, one provider. So much easier!

Decreasing Life Cover pays a lump sum if anyone on the policy passes away.

Bill Cover pays your essential bills if you can’t work due to illness or injury, while you’re employed.

Specified Illness Cover Pays a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with an illness from an agreed list.

Take control by choosing all three types or whatever combination you want.

Match your budget by choosing between Standard, Essential or Comprehensive levels of cover.

Keep steady with payments that never change.

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  • OnePlan Protection is provided by Irish Life Assurance plc. Before taking out insurance cover you’ll need to meet with a Qualified Financial Adviser. KBC Bank Ireland is tied to Irish Life and can advise you on OnePlan Protection.

    Your financial adviser can help you see what level of cover you might need. This can vary depending on your circumstances, for example what level of income you have. You can then choose which bundle of cover will best suit your budget. You can also tailor the benefits according to your needs. Your financial adviser can help you choose the best benefits for you.

    To maintain cover on OnePlan, you must pay all premiums required. The One Plan is designed to provide you with protection benefits and is not a savings policy. One Plan will never have a cash in value.
  • Lifecare is a range of services and designed to support you and your family throughout the life of your plan which are brought to you by Irish Life. With OnePlan Protection you can access these services at no extra cost.


    A second opinion for peace of mind.

    • MedCare can help give you peace of mind if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions covered by MediGuide. This means you can have an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan from one of a range of leading medical centres around the world.

    • This service is also available to your immediate family including your parents and your spouse/partners parents.


    Someone to help you when you're not able to do.

    • A service for those unsure moments like when your child has a temperature at 2am or you have a burn that’s worrying you.

    • There are nurses available to talk to you 24 hours a day all year round. They can help you decide the best thing to do, whether that’s advice on medication or if you should visit your doctor.

    • This service is provided by Intana Assist for Irish Life protection customers.


    Support if you need to claim.

    If you need to make a claim you will be provided with a dedicated claims team member to help you through the process. We also offer counselling services from the Clanwilliam Institute to help support you through bereavement or illness.

    For full Information on the LifeCare range of services visit

    LifeCare gives you access to services provided by other companies which are independent from Irish Life. These services are not designed to replace the advice provided by your doctor or your own healthcare professional, but to give you information to help direct you toward the appropriate course of action. Your access to these third party services is subject to their terms and conditions. Irish Life accepts no responsibility for these services. Irish Life may change the service providers or withdraw access to these services in the future.

  • Offer available on One Plan, Term Life Insurance, Life Long Insurance & Mortgage Life Insurance plans.
    Offer open to new Life Insurance applications received by Irish Life Assurance plc. between 13 July 2020 and 4 September 2020, accepted and issued by 16 October 2020.
    Your plan must be in force for at least 6 weeks to get the offer and you must have paid your first premium. Irish Life will send you a voucher by email 6-8 weeks after starting your plan. Your Will must be completed by 26 February 2021.
    You can’t cancel an existing plan with Irish Life and apply for this offer. And you must keep up your payments to stay on cover. This offer is not open to new plans issued through a conversion option (guaranteed cover again).
    Underwriting Terms and Conditions apply.
    Further information as well as the Terms and Conditions can be found here (PDF, 374 KB).

KBC Bank Ireland plc is tied to Irish life Assurance plc (Irish Life) for Life Insurance. Life insurance products are underwritten, administered and provided by Irish Life. Irish Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. KBC Bank Ireland plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.