Budget 2018

KBC - Austin Hughes

Austin Hughes is one of Ireland's leading economic commentators. An expert on issues affecting the Irish and European economies, he is a regular contributor in the media and also works as Chief Economist here in KBC.

He has a wealth of economic experience, working for KBC for over 25 years following stints in the Department of Finance, Central Bank and Bord Failte.

KBC Ireland Infographic - Budget 2018

Budget package likely to be up to €1 billion?

Budget 2018 package is now likely to be between €900 million and €1 billion as opposed to the €300 million initially spoken of. Austin tells us where this extra money is likely to come from
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Likely changes to spending & taxing in Budget 2018?

Austin gives us his thoughts on where the big changes to taxes & spending will be in Budget 2018
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What's in store for Budget 2018?

Austin Hughes gives us his thoughts on what's in store for Budget 2018
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Will future Budgets be less dramatic?

Austin Hughes thinks it'll be hard for politicians to move away from the roles of Santa Claus & Scrooge when it comes to Budget Day
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