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Existing Customer Rate Offer

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As an existing KBC customer you can apply to avail of the New Business Loan to Value (LTV) Rates. Simply follow the steps below and you could benefit from some of the lowest rates in the market. KBC can provide to you on request an indicative comparison of your potential savings by moving your existing Mortgage rate to an alternative rate that may be available to you.

Step 1: Do I require a valuation? 

If you wish to select a rate based on the existing LTV Percentage (%) applicable to your mortgage you can do so without completing step 2 below.

If you are currently on our PDH Standard Variable rate (HL Variable) or wish to avail of a LTV rate in a lower LTV rate band then you will need to get a valuation completed as per step 2 below.

Step 2: Get your home valued

 Choose a valuer from our nationwide panel. Provide the valuer with the instruction letter from the information pack. The valuer will provide you with a copy of the valuation report to send to us along with your application form.

Step 3: Calculate your Loan to Value (LTV) 

Using your outstanding mortgage balance and property value you can calculate your Loan to Value (LTV) to find out the LTV Percentage (%) applicable to your mortgage. Then choose a rate type that suits you. Read the terms and conditions. We advise you to seek independent financial & legal advice before completing the application form. Please refer to eligibility conditions below* to ensure you are eligible for the Existing Customer Loan to Value Rate Options.

Step 4: Send us your Application Form 

Download and complete the application form (pdf, 414 KB) and email it back to or Freepost it to KBC Bank Ireland, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2.
Please note: Where a valuation is required, attach a copy with your application form.

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Ready to apply?

Fill in the application pack to get started.

*You may not avail of the Option if your mortgage account is currently on a Tracker Interest Rate.  If only part of your mortgage account is on a Tracker Interest Rate, you may avail of the Option in respect of the portion of the mortgage account that is not on a Tracker Interest Rate however the aggregate amount outstanding in respect of all portions of your mortgage account will be used for the purposes of calculating the Loan to Value Percentage. 
The Option is not available if your account is in arrears unless you have entered into a mortgage arrears resolution option with us.  If you are currently availing of an interest rate reduction as part of a mortgage arrears resolution option you are not entitled to apply for the Option. Customers with investment or pension back mortgages cannot avail of the offer.
Customers with a Loan to Value of >90% also cannot avail of the offer, these customers can however avail of our existing suite of 2, 3 and 5 year fixed rates for existing customers.
This option is not available to existing buy to let mortgage customers.

Lending Criteria, Terms and Conditions Apply. Security and Insurance are required.