KBC brings WellFest Summer Tour to Galway

20 June 2019

On Saturday the 8th of June KBC brought WellFest to Galway on its summer 2019 tour. continue reading

KBC Expands Wellgood Area at WellFest

30 April 2019

At KBC, we understand how important wellbeing is to our customers and the communities we live and work in and this year we have built out our support at the festival to include an expanded KBC Wellgood area. continue reading

KBC and WellFest launch 21-day wellness challenge

04 March 2019

KBC Bank Ireland and WellFest have announced the return of WellGood from March 4th. continue reading

7 Life Hacks for a Healthier You

01 October 2018

If you want to get healthier but are feeling a little overwhelmed by the strides you need to make, check out our seven simple life hacks which will produce real change. continue reading

Food Hack 1: Save The Avocado

01 October 2018

Roz’s first food hack for WellGood…The Avocado! She shares her tips about what to do with the perfectly ripe avocado if you don’t have time to eat it. continue reading

Food Hack 2: Save the Bananas

01 October 2018

Roz’s second food hack for WellGood… Save the bananas and have the creamiest smoothies! continue reading

Introducing Roz Purcell

01 October 2018

WellGood food ambassador Roz Purcell gives a sneak peak and the delicious recipes she has created for the programme continue reading

Roz’s Lunch Prep with KBC’s Aidan Dunlevy

01 October 2018

Who else loves satay sauce? It is Roz’s favourite thing to order as a takeaway, but what if we get those same flavours every day from our lunch box? SIGN US UP! continue reading

Protein Pancakes with Flippin Philly!

01 October 2018

Pancakes! How could we say no, a staple pre-game meal for Philly and a morning ritual for Roz continue reading

Introducing Gerry Hussey

01 October 2018

WellGood mind ambassador Gerry Hussey highlights what’s to come over the next 30-days in terms of mindfulness and mental fitness continue reading

Introduction to Your Brain

01 October 2018

Performance psychologist and WellGood mind ambassador Gerry Hussey provides an introduction to the brain. continue reading

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

01 October 2018

Today performance psychologist Gerry Hussey focuses on the conscious and subconscious mind using simple examples to explain how our mind works. continue reading

The Power of Words

01 October 2018

Gerry talks about the power of the words we use and their impact on our subconscious continue reading

How to Train the Brain

01 October 2018

Gerry talks about how we can actually train our brain continue reading

Introducing Philly McMahon

01 October 2018

WellGood fitness ambassador Philly McMahon gives a sneak peak and what’s to come over the 30-days continue reading

Philly’s Mobility Warm-Up

01 October 2018

Philly shares three of his favourite mobility exercises to complete before a match or training session continue reading

Philly’s Fitness Fundamentals

01 October 2018

Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset continue reading

Philly’s 10 to 1 Workout

01 October 2018

Philly shares his 10 to 1 workout for a fitness challenge continue reading

The Power of Choice

01 October 2018

Philly shares his Power of Choice philosophy and simple tips that have benefited him in all areas of his life, from mindset to reaching his fitness goals continue reading