Move In, Move Up

01 March 2019

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First Time Buyers - Getting your finances ready

The Ultimate First Time Buyer “Stuff You Need” Checklist (PAYE) continue reading

From Approval in Principle to owning your house

“We’ve got approval in principle but what happens next?” continue reading

Self-employed - Getting your finances ready

A self-employed self-guide to securing yourself a mortgage continue reading

Getting your finances ready

An employees guide to securing your first mortgage continue reading

Mortgage Myths Busted

You can probably ignore half of the "helpful" advice you've heard about mortgages! continue reading

Thinking about buying? - Part 1

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Thinking about buying? - Part 2

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Thinking about buying?- Part 3

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Here are 9 Mortgage Myths that we feel need busting!

On a daily basis we hear a number of mortgages myths that we would like to bust. Here are some of the most common ones. continue reading

House viewings can be stressful - so we’ve put together useful tips to survive viewings

In today’s housing market, house viewings tend to fill up quickly with strong competition among buyers who are all looking for a home they can call their own. continue reading