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Ways to Invest

Invest the same way you save

Invest, your way

Monthly Payments

From as little as €125 per month, start and stop to suit you

Lump Sum Payments

Invest in one go from as little as €125

Mix and match

Flexibility is important so why not mix and match, monthly and/or lump sum payments 

Irish Funds Highlight

Get ready for a new way of investing!

New KBC Investment Funds
Introducing our new KBC Investment Funds (ExpertEase/Sivek Funds).

Get ready for a new way of investing!

Introducing our new KBC Investment Funds (ExpertEase/Sivek Funds).

KBC makes it easier than ever to start investing

Want to invest but don’t have a lump sum? Regular investing is as easy as saving on a monthly basis – invest a minimum of €125 each month.

You simply invest monthly, for as long as it suits.

No Lump Sum
You don’t need a lump sum to start. Just invest a minimum of €125 each month.

Mutal Fund
Your money goes into a mutual fund, this is an investment fund where the money of investors who share the same risk profile is pooled together and assets of the fund are mutually owned by the investors.

Did you know?

With KBC you can start investing in an investment plan with as little as €125. When you make small investments at regular intervals over a long period you don’t have to worry about missing the right time to invest.

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Our App puts you in charge...

Once you have opened your Investment account, you can track, buy and sell, all from you App!

The Need-to-Knows

Before undertaking any product, we recommend that you read the Investment Funds Terms & Conditions (pdf, 139 KB) paying particular attention to Part G - Regular Investment Plan (also known as Start2Invest).

Investment Funds Terms and Conditions - Effective March 2021 (pdf, 256 KB) 

Important Legal and Regulatory Information

Tax Obligations - Investing gives you tax obligations. 

KBC Bank Ireland plc is a distributor of funds managed by KBC Fund Management Ltd and KBC Asset Management NV.

KBC Bank Ireland plc and KBC Fund Management Ltd are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

KBC Asset Management NV is authorised in Belgium and regulated by the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

Warning: This fund may be affected by changes in currency rates.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Warning: Past Performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.