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  • Investment funds did not transfer to Bank of Ireland

  • All remaining investment funds were automatically redeemed on 13th January 2023

  • All investment fund accounts are closed

  • Please note KBCI have issued statements to all Investments customers recently, this is for record purposes only and customers do not need to take any action.

Investments with positive impacts

Socially Responsible is more than a buzzword at KBC

KBC AM works with independent experts and an external research agency, Sustainalytics. Sustainalytics is an independent research agency that regularly screens companies on the basis of parameters related to the environment, social policy and corporate governance.
KBC AM works together with independent experts who continually scrutinise and refine our methodology and is transparent with the Research Results of all companies and countries which have been analysed.
Check out our SRI news and updates on the Investor News page.

Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs)
Socially Responsible Investing means investing in countries and companies that have a positive impact on our society, our environment and our world. 

  • Are they for you? If you care about tomorrow’s generation as well as today’s, YES! Your investment choices can make a difference.

  • Why does it matter? On top of the positive environmental impacts of investing in socially responsible companies, you’re sending a very clear message to those who aren’t to get on board. Your choices will help create a better society. 

Let’s make a difference together.

The 4 best things about KBC’s SRIs


KBC AM only invest in companies and countries that meet strict criteria on environment, social policy and corporate governance.


KBC AM have an SRI Advisory Board of independent experts. We challenge each other to push for the highest possible standards.


The results of all screenings are available including companies that didn’t make it through.



KBC AM have been innovating SRI funds since 1992.


Looking after the environment as well as your own world is the way forward.

Sustainability or ESG has never been more topical. ESG stands for ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ and covers a number of areas, including climate, energy use, availability of raw materials, health, security, human rights, labour laws and corporate governance.  

For information on KBC Bank Ireland’s Renumeration Policy tap here.

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