Arrears literature


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Abhaile Booklet

4 JUNE 2021

Abhaile is a scheme to help homeowners find a resolution to home mortgage arrears. It provides free expert financial and legal advice from qualified and regulated professionals, which are available through MABS or a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP). This guide provides you with an overview of how Abhaile can help you if you are in arrears.
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MABS Leafet

4 JUNE 2021

MABS, the Money Advice and Budgeting Service, is the State’s free money and debt advice service. MABS works with people who may be struggling with debt or who need help in managing their money. This leaflet provides you with an overview of the service offered by MABS.

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Introduction to ‘Mortgage to Rent’ scheme

14 APRIL 2021

If your mortgage repayments are overdue, the Mortgage to Rent scheme may be an option that could help you stay in your home.
This leaflet explains what Mortgage to Rent is and what it could mean for you. You can only use this scheme if you meet the requirements.

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MARP Guide


This guide is designed to help you understand the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) and what support is available to you. It is a four step process designed to help you if you fall behind in your mortgage repayments or are at risk of falling behind. This code applies to the mortgage loan on your home in Ireland or on a rental property in Ireland provided that the rental property is the only property you own in Ireland.
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Standard Financial Statement


The Standard Financial Statement is a budgeting tool which list all your monthly income and outgoings. In order to carry out an assessment on your request you must complete a Standard Financial Statement (SFS) and send it back to KBC Bank Ireland with all the relevant documentation which may include bank statements, business accounts and payslips.
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Guide to Standard Financial Statement

05 JUNE 2018

The guide is designed to assist you when completing the Standard Financial Statement (SFS). We also have a series of short videos which will assist you in the process of completing and returning a Standard Financial Statement (SFS).

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Mortgage Loan Restructure Process for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)

30 JUNE 2016

This guide is designed to help SME’s understand the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) and what support is available.

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BPFI - Important Information to help people in mortgage arrears

01 OCTOBER 2015

If you find yourself in mortgage arrears, this document advises what you need to do.

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Sources of Assistance

19 MARCH 2014

This guide is designed to inform you of the sources of assistance available to you when faced with the prospect of voluntarily selling or surrendering your property. The leaflet is broken into 3 parts Housing Assistance; Social Welfare Assistance and Contact Information.
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Understanding and Dealing with Debt


This guide is designed to help you understand what debt means and how to manage debt. You can download a copy of this guide by clicking on the image here.

The guide includes information on:

Understanding and dealing with debt
Keeping your mortgage on track
Frequently asked questions
Helpful sources of advice and assistance.