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Flexible Options

KBC Bank Ireland is one of the most flexible mortgage providers in the market, offering you a range of mortgage options that are designed to make your life easier. Our highly flexible options allow you to take control of your mortgage.

Situations and lifestyles can change over time. That is why KBC Bank Ireland has developed a fantastic range of options to make your life easier.


Topping-up may be the easiest way to raise extra money towards improving your home. It allows you to take advantage of mortgage rates of interest which are generally much lower than those charged for other types of borrowing such as personal loans. Click here for interest rates available.


At KBC Bank Ireland our aim is to help you tailor your mortgage to suit your situation. Making regular or lump sum overpayments means you can pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule and enjoy significant savings on interest payments in the meantime.

Illustrated Savings 

Based on a mortgage of €200,000 over a 25 year term @ a standard variable rate of 4.5%; by making regular overpayments of €100 per month from year 3 going forward you can reduce the term of your mortgage by 38 months and save approximately €18,400 in interest payments.

Regular Overpayments
Mortgage Amount€200,000
Interest Rate4.5%
Term25 Years
Overpayment€100 per month
Overpayment PeriodYear 3 - Year 25
Term Reduction38 months
Interest Savings€18,443.38

If, on the same mortgage, you make a once off lump sum payment for €15,000 in year 4 you can reduce the term of your mortgage by 34 months and save approximately €22,850 in interest payments.

Lump Sum Overpayment
Mortgage Amount€200,000
Interest Rate4.5%
Term25 Years
Lump Sum Payment€15,000
Time of Payment4 Years
Term Reduction34 Months
Interest Savings€22,851.38

Mix and Match Terms

This feature is ideal for customers who wish to borrow at different mortgage rates of interest, over varying terms of the mortgage (up to maximum term).

Mix and Match Rates

This feature allows you to split your mortgage over different rates –  i.e. a percentage on a variable rate or a percentage on a fixed rate.

You can also talk to one of our customer service agents today at 1800 93 92 44.

KBC strongly recommends that, before purchasing any of the above products, you click on the link below to read the Important Information.

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