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Support for Existing KBC Mortgage Customers

Your mortgage is likely to be the largest financial commitment you’ll make in your life. At KBC, we’re dedicated to helping and supporting our customers in managing their mortgage throughout its life. 

KBC has reduced its standard variable rate for all Primary Dwelling Home (PDH) mortgage customers by 25bps, effective 1st December 2015. KBC has reduced its Fixed rate options for Existing Primary Dwelling Home (PDH) mortgage customers, effective 30th June 2016. For any questions in relation to this reduction please call 1800 93 92 44.

As an added extra to the KBC Current Account, KBC is extending our 0.20% discount to qualifying KBC residential mortgage customers.* If you are an existing residential KBC Mortgage customer please contact our Customer Services Team on 1800 93 92 44 to find out more.

KBC can help you with

Tracker Mortgage Examination

​The Central Bank of Ireland has required all the major lenders in Ireland to conduct an examination of Tracker Mortgage related issues. KBC Bank Ireland (KBCI) is currently undertaking this examination. In order to help address any queries or concerns that customers may have during the course of the examination KBCI has set up a Dedicated Team. If you have any queries in relation to this, please contact the Dedicated Team on 01 664 6983.

Existing Customer Rates

Existing Customers - Residential Primary Home Mortgage Rates
Rates Interest Rates APRC
Standard Variable 4.25% 4.35%
2 Year Fixed 3.90% 4.27%
3 Year Fixed 3.95% 4.25%
5 Year Fixed 4.00% 4.23%
At the end of your fixed rate period you will roll off on to the standard variable rate, currently 4.25% (as at 30 June, 2016).
Existing Customers - Residential Primary Home Mortgage Rates (Current A/C Discount)
Rates Interest Rates APRC
Standard Variable 4.05% 4.14%
2 Year Fixed 3.70% 4.07%
3 Year Fixed 3.75% 4.05%
5 Year Fixed 3.80% 4.02%
At the end of your fixed rate period you will roll off on to the standard variable rate with the 0.20% Current Account discount i.e. 4.05% (as at 30 June, 2016).
Existing Customers - Buy to Let rates
Variable Rates Interest Rates APRC
Standard Variable 5.15% 5.29%
3 Year Fixed 5.70% 5.48%
5 Year Fixed 6.20% 5.84%

*At the end of your fixed rate period you will roll off on to the Buy to Let standard variable rate.

Top Up customers can now avail of our New Residential Primary Mortgage Fixed and Variable Rates, on the new lending portion of the loan.

Contact Information

If you are an existing KBC Tracker Mortgage customer and considering moving house please contact us on 1800 51 52 53 to discuss your options.
If you are an existing KBC customer in negative equity and want to discuss options available to you to move house  please contact 1800 51 52 53.

Important Information

More details on our Current Account/Mortgage discount can be found in the important information section below.*

APRC = Annual Percentage Rate of Charge
APRC calculations are based on a typical mortgage of €100,000 over a 20 year term.
Rates effective from 30th June 2016.
LTV = Loan to Value
On expiry of a fixed rate period, your mortgage account will revert to a variable rate in accordance with the terms of your loan documentation.

*To avail of the optional extra Mortgage Discounted Rate (KBC’s applicable fixed or variable rate with a discount of 0.20%), you must mandate your salary to your KBC Current Account (self-employed customers must establish and maintain a monthly transfer to the Current Account that is at least equal to the monthly mortgage repayment). You must also pay your KBC Mortgage by Direct Debit from your KBC Current Account. If you cease to meet one and/or both of the aforementioned conditions, the interest rate on your KBC Mortgage will increase by 0.20% i.e. the discount will no longer apply. All other terms and conditions applicable to the KBC Current Account and the KBC Residential Mortgages shall continue to apply to the respective products. In the instance where you are availing of the Tracker Mover option, the current account discount will only apply to the new business rate portion of your mortgage. KBC reserve the right to remove the availability of this offering for new and existing business customers at any time in the future. This will not affect existing customers who have already availed of the discounted current account mortgage rate.

KBC strongly recommends that, before purchasing any of the above products, you click on the link below to read the Important Information.

Click here for important information