KBC Current Account eStatement

Say goodbye to paper statements & Hello Mobile & Online Banking by using KBC’s Current Account eStatements. Current Account eStatements are free and contain the same information as your paper statements, but are delivered electronically through your eStatements folder online or on your mobile app.

Please note, we will still need to send certain current account information by post.
We have put together some FAQs to answer any questions you might have about making the move to Paperless Banking.
  • Where you avail of online or mobile banking your quarterly Current Account statements will be issued to you electronically by eStatement only. This means that you will no longer receive your Current Account paper statements in the post.
  • Log in online or to your mobile app
    Click on your Current Account balance
    Select the eStatements folder
    Your eStatements will be available for viewing online, or may be saved to your PC/device.
  • If you use online or mobile banking but wish to continue getting paper statements you can change your mind at any time by selecting “Yes” to Turn On Paper Statements in your eStatements folder. Please follow the steps below.If you are using the Mobile App:
    Log into your app
    Click on Current Account (circle with balance)
    Click eStatements on the right hand side
    Enter your 6 digit PIN
    You will see the option to 'Turn on Paper Statements'
    Select 'Yes'
    Confirm your changes
    If you are using the Online Banking:
    Log in using your physical or digital key
    Click on Current Account
    Click eStatements under the tile where your balance is displayed
    Generate and enter the code from your physical or digital key
    You will see the option to 'Turn on Paper Statements'
    Select 'Yes'
    Confirm your changes
    If you have more than one Current Account these steps will need to be followed for each account.
    Alternatively contact our Customer Services on 1800 93 92 44.If you choose to receive paper statements or do not have online or mobile banking, statements will be issued once a quarter by post to the address given to us on account opening unless you have advised us of a change of address.
  • You can amend your preference for each account by selecting “Yes”/”No” for each account in your e-statements folder.
  • eStatements are readily accessible anytime, anywhere in PDF format so you have the option of saving them on your personal PC/device for your own records.
  • You may request additional paper statement(s) or a paper copy of an eStatement of a Current Account at anytime, however a fee (in accordance with our Fees and Charges Booklet) may be incurred and debited to the Current Account in respect of this service. You may request a statement by writing or by contacting Customer Services on 1800 93 92 44.
  • If you have a joint account  and request to turn off paper statements this option will be applied to both account holders and they will receive statements digitally. Alternatively if one account holder requests paper, this will be applied for both.
  • If you close or we terminate your Current Account, you will no longer be able to view your eStatements. It is your responsibility to print, save or otherwise store your eStatements for future reference in these situations.