Secure Login

Secure login process

To ensure that your account information is only accessible by you, our Online Banking website employs a secure login process. Never rely on a shortcut within an email or links provided by third parties to access your online accounts.

To access the Online Banking service, click here.

Before entering any login details, we would advise you to check that you have a secure session. Refer to the “Encrypted Website with SSL Certificates” help section for further information. Do not enter any of your login details if you are unsure.

It is important that you never disclose your login information to another website as this may compromise access to your accounts. Please contact our Customer Services Team if you require further assistance.

Auto Logout

For additional security, our system will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. This helps to protect your session against unauthorised access.

When this happens, your Online/Mobile Banking session will be redirected to the logout page and you will need to login again to continue accessing your account.

To maintain security, always end your Online/Mobile Banking session using the logout button, closing the browser will not end your session immediately.

Last Login Time-Stamp

Each time you login to the Online/Mobile Banking service we will display details of your last login. This is an additional security measure that we have taken to ensure that you know if someone has fraudulently accessed your accounts online.

It is important that you check the last login every time you login to the Online/Mobile Banking service. If you are suspicious of the last login shown and do not recall logging into the Online/Mobile Banking service on that date, please contact our Customer Services Team for assistance.