We have put Responsible Behaviour at the heart of our culture making sure our own behaviour is driven by the interests of our customers. Our employees, ‘Team Blue’, are empowered to speak up and are rewarded for sharing their ideas and taking initiative.  

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Here are a few examples of how Responsible Behaviour is working in action…

Responsible Behaviour Compass 
The compass is a guide which includes practical tools to help employees think about the best customer outcomes when making decisions. This clearly outlines the expected values and behaviours for all employees.

Speaking Up
The 'Speak up Policy' encourages employees to speak up if they have concerns or feel that something can be done in a better way. 

Irish Banking Culture Board
We are one of the founding members of The Irish Banking Culture Board ("IBCB") and sponsor the workstream for Ethics & Behaviour.

KBCI Customer & Sustainability Committee

Chaired by the CEO, the committee provides strategic direction and oversight on initiatives relating to Responsible Behaviour and Sustainability across the organisation.

Customer Experience Design Board

The CX Design Board ensures we are supporting customers with jargon free banking solutions.


Board at the Frontline


The Board engages with employees on customer journeys so they become familiar with and close to real customer experiences.

KBC Bank Ireland Report to Society

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Our sustainability vision is part of our business model and is across the spirit of everything we do. Read about the progress we have made in meeting the targets set within our Sustainability Framework.