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Setting your eCommerce PIN

Keeping your accounts protected while you shop online

As part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), all banks must introduce additional security measures called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to make electronic payments more secure when shopping online.

You’ll already be familiar with One Time Passcodes (OTP) which are often required when making online purchases. We’re now introducing an added layer of security called an eCommerce PIN.  You will need this eCommerce PIN in the future along with the OTP for shopping online.

What is an eCommerce PIN?
The eCommerce PIN is a 6-digit number, set by you and known only by you. You will need to set an eCommerce PIN for each KBC Debit and Credit card that you hold to continue to shop online. When prompted while making an online purchase, you will need to input your eCommerce PIN, along with an OTP, in order to confirm your identify and continue with the purchase. 

How to set my eCommerce PIN?
Check out our ‘How to’ video or follow the simple steps below. Setting up your eCommerce PIN will only take a minute.

Open your KBC mobile app and follow the steps below:

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Important: You must keep the PIN confidential and cannot share it with anyone. If you get a replacement or new debit or credit card, your eCommerce PIN will stay the same. KBC employees will never be able to view your eCommerce PIN and won’t ask you to share it with them.  

Dont have the app? Download it here.

Setting up your eCommerce PIN through Online Banking

You can also set up your eCommerce PIN through online banking.  To do this, go to the Card Services section within KBC Online Banking and select the “eCommerce PIN” action, set and confirm your new 6 digit PIN. 

Then you’re all set up and your eCommerce PIN will be ready to use when shopping online. Remember, you will need to set an eCommerce PIN for each KBC Debit and Credit card that you hold.

If you have any questions about setting up your eCommerce PIN, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information on Payment Services Regulations (PSD2) and Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) visit here