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Important Customer Notice

KBC Bank Ireland would like to draw your attention to some important information.
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Important Information about your Mortgage

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Important Information

  • After the 15th July 2022 KBC will be no longer accept new applications for Mortgages from non-KBC customers & existing KBC customers. If you have submitted an application on or before the 15th July 2022 it will be processed as normal.

  • Existing mortgage customers who wish to avail of the Current Account discount must apply for a Current Account by 15 July 2022.

  • For more information about what will be happening to your existing Mortgage in the future please click here.

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Up to 90% of cost of improvement works
Minimum loan is €20k
2 year fixed rates from 2.25% (2.9% APRC)* with a KBC Current Account based on an LTV of <=60%
Mix it!
Split your repayments between a choice of fixed and variable rates

See KBC Current Account Offer conditions below
For full details see 'The Need-to-Knows' below

Top-up Mortgages, in 5 easy steps

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Top ups Steps

Send in your application

You can either fill this in or do it over the phone.

KBC review

We’ll go through everything and come back to you with an update.

Get your documents together

Use our checklist to get yourself organised with minimal fuss.

Get your loan offer

If everything looks good, we’ll send you a loan offer that’s valid for 4 months.

Draw down your mortgage

And we’ll get your new mortgage up and running

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Top up Mortgage Document List

Let's get you started

Here's a handy list of documents you're going to need.

Your Application Form - You can either fill this in or do it over the phone.

Your Employee Status Form - Completed by your employer. Remind them to stamp it!

Your Payslips - Two from the last six months will do it.

Your Employment Detail Summary (P60)One for each of you applying. (Make sure it’s your most recent.)

Bank Statements - You’ll need your last 6 months of statements and your most recent Mortgage Statement. Loan statements or business statements might be needed too (if they’re relevant ). Your Bank Statement will also work as your proof of address.

Download our handy checklist below. 

Get started today

Everything you need to get started. Download your checklist below. If you’re self-employed, your checklist is here.

Great rates

You want great Mortgage rates? You’ve come to the right place.


How do I get started?

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You’ve lots of options!

If you'd like to speak to our mortgage team you can contact contact your local hub or by calling 1800 51 52 53.

Another option is to fill in our quick apply form and then one of our team will follow up with you.

Or, you can always drop into your Hub or get in touch with your financial advisor.

To get organised, why not download our Mortgage Application Form (pdf, 108 KB)? It includes a handy checklist that takes you through all the documents you’ll need.

If you’re self-employed, your checklist is slightly different, and this is the file (pdf, 45KB) you should work off.

Additional Information on switching is available at the Competition and Consumer Protection Commissions Website for additional support.

 What happens next?

When we’ve got your Mortgage Application and the other documents from the checklist, we’ll go through everything to make sure we have all the information we need.
Within 3 working days, we’ll be in touch to let you know if we need more information or if your application is ready to be assessed.
10 Working Days
Once you’re notified that your application has moved to the assessment stage, we’re committed to giving you a decision within 10 working days.
Additional Details
Occasionally, we may need additional information or time. If this happens, we’ll let you know within those 10 working days and we’ll also confirm when you should expect the final decision.
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Get an extra 0.20% off your mortgage rate

When you open a KBC current account.

The Need-to-Knows

  • *The reduced new business rate (with a KBC Current Account) of 2.25% (APRC 2.9%) Fixed is based on a 2 Year <=60% Loan to Value (LTV). At the end of your fixed rate period you will roll off on to a new business LTV variable roll off interest rate determined by Loan to Value at initial drawdown. Information correct as at 1st December 2020.

    Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Security and insurance are required. The maximum mortgage is 80% of the property value.
    As a general rule, loan amounts are subject to monthly repayments of a maximum of 50% of disposable income and will vary according to individual circumstances. A typical variable rate PDH (Private Dwelling House) mortgage of €100,000 over 240 months costs €579.96 per month at 3.50% (APRC 3.57%). The total amount repayable is €139,190.33. The LTV (Loan to Value) Variable rate of 3.50% (APRC 3.57%) variable is based on a loan to value of >80%-90%. A 1% rise in interest rate will increase this payment by €52.69 per month. APRC = Annual Percentage Rate of Charge and consists of a variable borrowing rate of 3.50%, valuation fee of €150.00 and security release fee of €38. Information correct as at 1st December 2020. Rates may vary over the term of a mortgage.
  • The mortgage calculators allow you to calculate repayments or estimate the likely extent of any loan which may be available to you.  The information provided by this calculator is for illustrative and guidance purposes only, is non-binding and is subject to change. It is only applicable for loans in respect of your Private Dwelling House and is not applicable for Buy to Let loans or top ups. 

    Please note this is not an offer of a loan and you are required to apply for a mortgage and lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. No quotation or estimate shall be capable of acceptance unless and until it is contained in a formal letter of offer issued by KBC Bank Ireland plc and signed by both KBC Bank Ireland and the customer. All letters of offer will be accompanied by the full terms and conditions which will apply to the facility in question.

    Important Information
    The property is mortgaged to secure the loan. Life and home insurance are required.
    The maximum loan amount will typically not exceed 3.5 times an individual's gross annual income.
    The maximum mortgage is 90% of the property value. A property valuation will be required.
    As a general rule, loan amounts are subject to monthly repayments of a maximum of 50% of disposable income and will vary according to individual circumstances.
    Rates are provided for information purposes only. They do not form part of an advertisement. The rates quoted are effective from 1st December 2020.

    WARNING:  The cost of your monthly repayments may increase.
  • To avail of the optional extra Mortgage Discounted Rate (KBC’s prevailing new business fixed or variable rate with a discount of 0.20%), you must mandate your salary to your KBC Current Account (In an instance where a customer is self-employed, you must establish a monthly transfer to the Current Account to lodge an amount that is at least equal to the monthly mortgage repayment). You must also pay your new KBC Mortgage by Direct Debit from your KBC Current Account.If you cease mandating your salary to your KBC Current Account and/or paying your KBC mortgage by Direct Debit from your KBC Current Account, the interest rate on your KBC Mortgage will increase by 0.20% i.e. the discount will no longer apply.

    The optional extra mortgage discounted rate is not available to Buy to Let mortgages, Tracker mortgages, mortgage accounts  which have been in arrears within the past 12 months or on the following mortgage arrears resolution options’: Moratorium, Less than interest only arrangement, Interest Rate Reduction, Split Mortgage.

    In the instance where you are availing of the Tracker Mover option, the current account discount will only apply to the new business rate portion of your mortgage.

    All other terms and conditions applicable to the KBC Current Account and the KBC Residential Mortgages shall continue to apply to the respective products.

    To apply for this offer drop into a hub or call us on 1800 51 52 53.
KBC strongly recommends that, before purchasing any of the above products, you click on the link below to read the Important Information.