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KBC entered an agreement with Bank of Ireland where they would acquire the majority of KBC Bank Ireland’s loan assets and deposits. This Binding Agreement has been approved by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and is still subject to ministerial approval. Regardless of the outcome of this agreement KBC have begun the process of exiting the Irish Market.

We want to help you start preparing for any potential future changes and to give you further details on what will or may happen to your account.

What's happening?

Home Insurance products will remain with their current provider – Zurich Insurance.

If you have a Home Insurance policy, this will continue to be underwritten and administered by Zurich Insurance on the same terms and conditions as before.

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What do I need to do next?

If you are an existing customer you will shortly receive a booklet which clearly outlines what is happening to all KBC products in detail.

We will issue a separate communication to all Home Insurance customers to provide an update.

Frequently Asked Questiosn

  • This means that KBCI will no longer offer Insurance to its customers, but your Home Insurance policy will continue to be underwritten by Zurich Insurance plc (“Zurich Insurance”). Your policy will be managed directly by Zurich Insurance. There will be no change to the terms of your current insurance cover. You do not need to take any action.  Should you have any questions about your insurance policy you can contact the Zurich Customer service team at (053) 9157775 or email us at customerhelp@zurich.ie

  • If you need to make a change to your policy please contact the Zurich Customer Service Team at (053) 9157775 or email us at customerhelp@zurich.ie
  • Zurich insurance will continue to manage your policy and as a result your No Claims Bonus or No Claims Discount will not be affected as there will be no break in the policy term or cover. Your current policy will continue as normal.

  • Zurich insurance underwrites, administers and provides your KBC Home insurance policy and will continue to do so. There will be no additional fees to your policy.
  • You will receive your renewal documents from Zurich Insurance 4 weeks before your renewal date. This document will include the renewal price and outline the terms of the policy for the coming 12 months along with payment methods to renew your insurance policy with Zurich. If you’ve any queries about your renewal please contact the Zurich Customer Service Team at (053) 9157775 or email us at customerhelp@zurich.ie.

  • If you currently pay for your policy by Direct Debit, your monthly payment will continue to be taken, so no change is required.  If you change your Bank Details at a later stage, you will be required to contact Zurich Insurance and provide your new bank details in order for your Direct Debit payments to continue.  To pay in full by debit card, please call the Zurich Customer Service Team on (053) 9157775.
  • There will be no impact to your claim as a result of the change from KBC to Zurich. Zurich currently manage all claims and will continue to do so in the future. You can call Zurich’s  24 hour claims helpline (01) 6091436 or email: claimsnotification@zurich.ie.

  • If you would like to discuss your complaint by phone, you can contact the Zurich Customer Service Team on (053) 9157775 or alternatively you can email the Zurich Customer Support Team on customersupport@zurich.ie

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