I am worried that I might go into arrears

If you are worried about going into arrears you have made the right choice by visiting this section. Here at KBC we are committed to helping our customers who are concerned about their mortgage repayments.

Early warning signs

We understand that financial difficulties can happen to people from all walks of life, often unexpectedly and for the first time. If one or more of these early warning signs are causing you difficulty then you have made the right choice by contacting KBC.

  • Your earnings have decreased - your hours or monthly salary has been cut
  • You are occasionally late making payments on bills or skipping them completely
  • Your salary does not clear your overdraft
  • You borrow money to pay off other debts
  • You have been denied credit facilities
  • You don’t know how much debt you have
  • You pay the minimum balance off your credit cards each month
  • You have little or no savings

The Credit Management team helps customers who may be at risk of experiencing financial difficulties. If you are worried about your financial circumstances, please contact a member of the Credit Management team today on 01 664 6300. We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Budgeting tools

The easiest way to see where you stand financially is to write down all the money you have coming in and going out each month. There are a number of agencies that are available to help. Below are details of two agencies that can help.

MABS have a ‘Self Help’ Guide to assist you if you are in arrears and they also have budgeting tools to help you assess your situation. These are available by visiting

The CCPC also provides a useful Budget Planner that helps you to work out where you are spending your money and compares this with your income. Visit to access this guide.

Payment Options

At KBC Bank Ireland we have a number of automated payment options which can help ensure you do not miss a mortgage payment. If you do miss a payment, we have immediate payment options to assist you by using An Post, Debit or Laser Card. Click here for a full list of safe payment options and contact information available to you.