At KBC we want to take the complexity out of banking and insurance. Whether that helps us make our products and services more accessible to everyone or allows us to answer questions at our seminars and events, we want to engage with people and support them through open discussion, educational webinars, events and banking guides.

We want to hear your questions. And then answer them! And provide you with tips on how to manage all your banking needs no matter what financial product you are looking for.

Here are just some of the way we answer the topics of interest from our customers.

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KBC Pension Education Hub
Pensions aren’t as mysterious as they seem! We break down the jargon so you feel properly supported in retirement planning.

Fraud Awareness
We have been bringing practical bite-size tips on ways customers can protect against Fraud

Regular Economic Updates

Insights from our Chief Economist Austin Hughes, shedding light on everything from the economy to pensions. 

Guide to Mobile Banking

Digital solutions are on the grow! This guide supports customers who are out of their comfort zone and finding it challenging. 

KBCs of Banking

Our digital book answering the most commonly asked banking questions, with no jargon in sight.

KBC Bank Ireland Report to Society

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Our sustainability vision is part of our business model and is across the spirit of everything we do. Read about the progress we have made in meeting the targets set within our Sustainability Framework.