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Important Customer Notice

KBC Bank Ireland would like to draw your attention to some important information.
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KBC Current Accounts

Please note: We are no longer accepting applications for this product. If you made an application on or before the 15th July 2022 it will continue to be processed as normal.

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Here's what you need to know

KBC Current Accounts did not move to Bank of Ireland and have now been closed, if you have a balance remaining that you would like to claim please get in touch as soon as possible.

What's happening?
If there was any remaining funds in your account when your KBC account closed, KBC will continue to hold these funds on your behalf. Please complete and return the residual balance form you have received to retrieve these funds.

Current Account Help Hub

What's changing?

We've put together some useful information for you. You can use the buttons below to find the information that you need.

Top FAQs

We've put together the top FAQs for customers:

My Current Account is now closed but there was a balance in the account. How do I withdraw my funds?

Please fill in the Residual Balance Reclaim Form (140 kb, pdf) and return by email to and we will arrange for your funds to be returned. You can also return the form by post to KBC Bank Ireland plc, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2, D02 X489.

Can I request a new reclaim form?

Yes you will find a new copy of the form here. Alternatively, you can send in a signed handwritten instruction with the same information. Note: this instruction must clearly state that it relates to a RESIDUAL BALANCE RECLAIM and must contain all the information that is required on the standard form.

How do I return my reclaim form?

Please fill in the attached reclaim form and return by email to and we will arrange for your funds to be returned. You can also return the form by post to KBC Bank Ireland plc, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2, D02 X489.

How long will it take to receive my funds?

We will endeavour to process your Reclaim Request Form as soon as possible. However please be aware that in certain circumstances we may be required to verify some information with you once the Reclaim form is received, which may add time onto the process. In certain scenarios, we may need to call you back. For example: If you have nominated an account to which you haven’t transferred funds (from your KBC Current Account) to previously then we will call you back to confirm the details prior to sending the funds.

Can I have my Residual balance Reclaim funds split and sent to different accounts?

Residual balance is repaid In full in one amount to one IBAN only.


What's happening? 

As KBC Current Accounts have not moved to Bank of Ireland, they have been closed. Personal Overdrafts will need to be brought to zero and your overdraft facility will be cancelled when your Current Account Closes.

Before your overdraft is cancelled you will need to clear the overdraft and bring your account balance to zero. If you have an existing overdraft this will not automatically transfer to your new provider and you will have to make a new application with your new provider to have an overdraft on your new account. Please note that the overdraft terms and conditions may be different and you may not be approved for the same overdraft limit with a new provider.

When deciding your new Current Account provider it may be useful to discuss this with them in advance.

Transfer of Overdrafts to Cabot

If you have an outstanding Overdraft or Unauthorised Overdraft Balance on your account at a date in the future it may transfer to Cabot.

If you have received a communication to advise that your overdraft or unauthorised Debit Balance will transfer to Cabot you can find more information here.

In the meantime, we’re here to help with any queries you may have about clearing your Personal Overdraft, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Worried about repaying your overdraft?
If you are currently having difficulty repaying your overdraft, please get in touch with us to talk about your options and how we can help you. We can work with you to find a repayment solution that suits your personal situation.

Moving your Current Account

Steps to take when the time comes to move.

  • You should take action as soon as possible and start considering who you would like to open your new Current Account with. 

    You will find useful information about the different Current Account providers on the CCPC website or or

    If you have an existing overdraft this will not automatically transfer to your new provider and you will have to make a new application with your new provider to have an overdraft on your new account.

    Should you choose Bank of Ireland as your new Current Account provider, they have a dedicated current account opening team who are available to help you make the move. For more information visit or call 0818 354 454.

    If you would like to open your account with a new provider by using the switching process you will find more information below.

    Tip: It can take some time to get set up with a new Current Account.

  • Once you have opened your new account there are a few important things you need to do to get set up. You should take some time to review the money coming into and out of your current account so you can ensure your new payments are set up and not disrupted and to ensure there is no potential impact on your credit rating if you pay a loan from your KBC Current Account.

    Money In
    Make sure you let anyone who makes payments to your account know you’ve changed accounts. For example, make sure you tell your employer or the Department of Social Protection you’ve changed banks so your wages and/or social protection payments go to the right account.

    To do this you will need to contact your creditors and give them your new IBAN.

    Money Out
    If you have standing orders or direct debits coming from your KBC Current Account, such as electricity bills, mortgage repayments or insurance payments you will need to ensure these are being paid from your new Current Account.

    Remember to check the dates of your regular direct debits and standing orders to make sure that you do not miss any payments.

    Find out more about managing your Standing Orders and Direct Debits here.

    Direct Debits: A Direct Debit gives a company permission to take a regular payment from your account e.g. your monthly electricity bill.  You sign a direct debit mandate to give the company permission to take the payment from your account. You will need to ensure that you have contacted the providers with your new IBAN i.e., if you pay an electricity bill by direct debit you will need to contact your electricity supplier and provide them with your new account details.

    Standing Orders: A standing order is a regular payment you have set up to pay other people. You will need to set these up yourself with your new provider. Your new provider can provide you with the information you need to do this.

    Subscriptions: Sometimes regular payments will be linked to your Debit Card e.g., Netflix / Spotify / gym membership. You will have to notify these companies of your new card details when you get them so that the payments keep running.

    Please be advised that from Monday 21st November 2022, KBC Current Account unpaid fee charges will be reduced from €10 to zero. This means you will no longer be charged the €10 fee for unpaid Direct Debits or Standing Orders.

    Tip: eStatements are a great way of reminding you what payments you have in and out of your account on specific dates.

    Tip: Updating payments in and out can take time so as soon as you have your new account details you should ensure you give providers your new IBAN as quickly as possible.

    Tip: To help with this you can find a list of all your standing orders and direct debits on your KBC App.

  • Before closing your account you will need to move your money and bring your balance to zero. You can do this with your KBC App or by sending us a written instruction to: KBC Bank Ireland, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2.

    If you decide to complete the transfer via the KBC App, simply go to the account summary screen; select transfer; add your new Current Account as a payee and confirm the transfer. Remember we have limits in our App per day so you might have to spread it over a couple of days. It usually takes 1 -2 working days for your money to arrive in your other account. You can find further information on our transfer limits here.

    Tip: Leave a balance in your account until you are sure all payments have been moved.

    Tip: Once you are ready to close your account make sure your account balance is zero so that your account can close.

  • When you have completed the actions above, the next step is to close your account.

    Once your account is closed you will not be able to re-open your account, your Debit Card will stop working and you should let all cardholders know this. Make sure your new account is up and running before completing the final steps. You won’t be charged maintenance fees from June to allow you to do this.
    There are three ways to close your account.

    1. Don’t do anything, your account will close automatically at the end of the notice period. Please ensure that the balance is at zero.

    2. Drop in to your nearest KBC Hub*.

    3. Write to us with your instructions at KBC Bank Ireland, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2. Make sure to include the account number of the accounts you wish to close and the account where you want your balance transferred to (should it not be zero) or complete and return the following form to us: Current Account Closure Form.

    Some things to note about closing:

    Once closed, your account will not appear in your KBC App or Online Banking. It is important to note that any Debit Cards associated with your KBC Current Account will stop working 7 days prior to closure to allow pending transactions to complete.

    Tip: It’s important that you keep a copy of your statements after your account is closed. These can be accessed through your KBC App by clicking on the e-statements tab in your Current Account. You should download these documents before closing your accounts. If you need a copy of these documents after your account is closed and you no longer have access to the KBC App please get in touch with us.

    Tip: You should pick a date to switch where there is very little account activity and should not pick a date when direct debits are due or when salary or social payments are expected to be paid.

    *Please Note Hub Closure Information: Galway, Limerick, Lapps Quay Cork, Wilton Shopping Centre Cork, Waterford, Maynooth, Main Street Swords, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, College Green Dublin, Baggot Street Dublin and Stillorgan Hubs have closed. Grand Canal Dublin Hub will remain open until the 31st August 2023 and then permanently close from this date.

Block of Text Under Moving your Account

To ensure that your day to day banking needs are not interrupted and that you have a current account which you can continue to use it is important to ensure that you have a new Current Account up and running before the end of your notice period. If you are having any issues opening a new Current Account elsewhere please contact us and we may be able to provide you with more time.

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Important Information for the day to day management of your Account


Terms and conditions apply. Other fees and charges may apply. If you are a Basic Current Account Customer our Basic Terms and Conditions apply.

Please note: KBC Bank Ireland does not offer cash facilities at our hub locations and so are unable to cater for cash lodgements or withdrawals in our premises.

  • The features of your KBC Current Account will continue to apply until you close your account with us.

    (Including: Standard Current Account; Extra Current Account; Teen Current Account; Current Account Plus; Student Current Account; Basic Bank Account.)

    Free contactless payments when using a Debit Card for purchases in Euro.

    Free online & mobile banking transactions.

    Free Direct Debit & Standing Order Processing.

    No quarterly fees for maintaining the account.

    Free cashback - CashBack is at the retailers discretion and a purchase is required. A minimum amount may be necessary.

    Paperless eStatement and paper statement options available

    Full suite of digital wallets: Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Fitbit Pay™, Garmin Pay™ and wena Pay™

  • Current Account Closure form 46kb Download PDF
    Basic Current Account: Fee Information Document 260kb Download PDF
    Debit Card Refund Request Form 44kb Download PDF
    Current Account Plus: Fee Information Document 260kb Download PDF
    Extra Current Account: Fee Information Document 244kb Download PDF
    Standard Current Account: Fee Information Document 260kb Download PDF
    Student Current Account: Fee Information Document 260kb Download PDF
    Teen Current Account: Fee Information Document 259kb Download PDF
    Deposit Guarantee Scheme Leaflet 56kb Download PDF
    Current Account Fees and Charges 155kb Download PDF
    Personal Banking Terms and Conditions 252kb Download PDF
    SEPA Direct Debit Refund Form 189kb Download PDF
    Standing Order Form 39kb Download PDF
    Personal Customers - Self Certification under CRS and FATCA 37kb Download PDF

    Check out our Glossary of Terms here.