KBC Enactus Intern Blog Series: Kate Dowling


How to be Sustainable at Work

Now more than ever, everyone is encouraged to do their bit for the environment. As a communications and sustainability intern with KBC Bank Ireland, I’ve learned plenty of ways in which everyone can improve their sustainability efforts!

1. Maximise your use of natural light.
If you sit near natural light, do your best to utilise it.

2. Use a refillable coffee cup & water bottle.Bringing a refillable coffee cup not only to work, but elsewhere too, has a dramatic effect on the levels of paper cup waste. Often, coffee shops will offer a reduced cost if you bring your own cup. Water bottles are handy if you have access to drinking water at work, to cut on plastic bottle waste and save yourself some money.

3. Use Reusable Lunch Boxes.If you bring lunch or snacks to work in plastic or paper packaging, consider using a reusable lunch box – acost effective and environmentally friendly solution. Also consider the amount of paper napkins and plastic cutlery you use at lunchtime.

4. Turn off your devices.When you’re leaving the office, turn off unnecessary equipment and avoid charging electronics overnight, as this isn’t energy efficient and can be dangerous.

5. Utilise your bins.If your office has both general, recycling and organic waste bins, use them correctly. Educate yourself to ensure you are making the right decision regarding bins and don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if you’re unsure.
6. Only print when absolutely necessary.If you can read something off a monitor, do.Also, when you are printing, make sure to adjust your printing settings to double sided, to save paper.

7. Use public transport or cycle to work.Changing the way you travel to work can have a big impact on reducing your carbon footprint.
If everyone keeps these tips in mind, we can all make a small change towards reducing our carbon footprints.