KBC and 48 other top Irish companies together give €24 million to charities and community groups in 2013


KBC continues to support the community as the Bank of You by volunteering, fundraising and through probono work that benefits charities and community groups throughout Dublin Cork, Limerick and Galway.

In 2013 KBC supported 22 Community Organisations throughout Ireland including its charity partners Barnardos and Barretstown. KBC staff volunteered more than 1,500 hours in order to engage with wonderful people helping improve their community. Not only that but KBC also donated almost €35,000 and employees of KBC raised a further €48,670 throughout 2013. This has shown how companies in Ireland are coming together to get behind communities and build a better more sustainable future.

49 of Ireland’s largest companies contributed over €24 million euro to support community groups and organisations in cash donations, in-kind donations and employee fundraising to local charities and community groups to address key social issues and causes in 2013 and KBC the Bank of You is now reaching out even further with Bright Ideas competition that will empower community groups to truly make a difference in their community.

KBC pays special attention to supporting those vulnerable members of society. For a number of years, KBC employees have been interacting at different levels with the community through a continuous mutual “exchange” of values, culture and experience. Activities are organised around this theme and meetings arranged on a regular basis. Coupling financial support with a constant presence and a true willingness to participate is a formula that has been proven to work at KBC.

This information is being captured by Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI), on an online interactive map entitled the “Business Impact Map” which can be viewed online at http://livemaps.bitc.ie and gives a county by county breakdown of how companies such as KBC Bank Ireland, A&L Goodbody, ESB, Intel Ireland, Diageo Ireland and their employees supported their local community groups and charities during 2013.

“This is our fifth year to compile these national statistics on the Business Impact Map. In a year that has seen a decline in charitable donations in Ireland, and as times are getting tougher, what we have noticed is that companies are contributing more in the way of in kind donation, pro bono support and employee volunteering hours. This shows that companies are still keen to have an impact on society and on their local areas but are providing support in different ways and using their own skillset to provide job placements, mentoring, pro bono work, or other products and services free of charge to local groups and charities on a long term basis.” said Tina Roche, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland.

Roche added:

“The businesses featured on the map are positively impacting the communities they operate in by using their strong position to address vital social issues and causes such as youth employment, homelessness and education, where under funding can be hugely detrimental.  Companies are providing support to the many groups and organisations involved in arrange of issues and as a result are reporting increased staff engagement and satisfaction. We would encourage all Irish companies to act this way.” said Tina Roche, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland.

Statistics for KBC Bank Ireland.
No. of Community Organisations: 22
Volunteer Hours: 1,511
Cash Donations: €34,840
Employee Fundraising: €48,670
In-Kind Donations: €15,100