Introduction to Your Brain


Performance psychologist and WellGood mind ambassador Gerry Hussey provides an introduction to the brain.

We tend not to look after the things we don’t see, including our brain. After leading some of the most successful people in sport and business, Gerry knows what he’s talking about. He highlights the reasons why we need to work on our mental fitness in order to make better decisions and live a happier life.

Today’s challenge

Gerry’s masterbrain challenge, a quick-fire round on capital cities in Europe. Play with a friend, colleague or even better – a stranger! You have 90 seconds and no hesitation allowed. This challenge will encourage you to get our of your comfort zone and use a different part of the brain but have fun while doing so. You can complete the challenge multiple ways when you’re done with capital cities, for example names or words beginning with a certain letter. Let us know how you got on using #WellGood on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re interested in learning more, here is an easy-to-digest video on the fascinating topic of neuroplasticity.