ICB Cessation of Service


The Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) ceased its credit reference service on Friday 1st October 2021.

From close of business on that day, no customer or lender has access to the ICB for credit referencing purposes. 

Please be advised that KBCI no longer submit enquiries to ICB ; and KBCI’s final report to the ICB was for data as at 31st August 2021.  

Customers may receive correspondence in relation to their lending facility which references “CCR and/or ICB” however the ICB is no longer applicable.  

KBCI will continue to use the Central Credit Register (CCR) (operated by the Central Bank of Ireland under the Credit Reporting Act 2013) for credit assessment and reporting purposes.

More information on ICB Cessation of Service may be obtained from the Irish Credit Bureau Website. 

Visit their website: www.icb.ie