I don't understand the Permission. Can you please explain in some further detail?

With your permission, KBC Ireland will access your account data covering up to 1 year of historic information, provided that the information is available to you online through your Other Financial Institution.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will be performed prior to the KBC's first access, and subsequently re-performed at least every 90 days or otherwise where required by your Other Financial Institution.

Note that SCA will have to be performed;

  • At any time KBC Bank Ireland (on your behalf) requests more than either or both of the account balance and/or 90 days of payment transactions; 
  • KBC Bank Ireland (on your behalf) requests account information after the 90 day time period passes.
  • At any time you carry out any action through a remote channel which may imply a risk of payment fraud or other abuses. The application of SCA by the Other Financial Institution is the only step required by the Other Financial Institution in these scenarios and the you should not be required to go through the account(s) selection process to confirm the access.

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