KBC Bank Ireland Data Protection Notice


1. In order to supply (and continue to supply) you with products and services, KBCI will require information from you. Your Information, including your personal data, consists of the details provided in the account application, together with any other information that is furnished to us in connection with this Account, any loan, guarantee, other account(s), products, or services that you may request and/or we may provide to you from time to time, information obtained from third parties, through our website, KBC Mobile Banking App, our social media sites and your transaction data (“Information”). The information that you supply will be held on a relevant filing system which may be a computer database, or any other database/system.

2. Your Information, including your personal data, will be retained and processed by KBCI for the following purposes:
To process and assess the application(s) and any applications for products and services that you may request from KBCI or KBCI may provide to you in the future;
To manage and administer your Account(s), policies, and any other banking products and services, which you hold with KBCI or KBCI may provide to you from time to time;
To verify the Information and otherwise meet our legal and compliance obligations, which include those relating to the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and fraud, (where necessary this may mean reporting to regulatory authorities on activities such as the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, tax compliance and evasion, fraud and other such activities which may require KBCI to notify the authorities);
To enable KBCI manage, on a holistic basis, its relationship with you through maintaining a single view of your Accounts and any products or services that we may provide to you and any interaction with us;
In terms of any credit facility and credit related services, KBCI may undertake credit and other checks and make credit decisions, and conduct credit searches against the applicants (as we consider appropriate) prior to supplying, during, and when renewing or reviewing any credit facility and credit related services;
To review your complete financial position with KBCI which will include (where relevant), the security which we hold, debit balances, credit balances and any other relevant information which we hold;
To carry out statistical analysis, market research, predictive/analytical modelling, and to develop and assess products and services;
To allow KBCI conduct quality control checking and compile management information for internal reporting throughout KBCI; and
In accordance with your preferences, for marketing purposes.
3. Disclosures: We may disclose Information in the following circumstances:
To other companies within KBC Bank Group;
To our agents, legal and other advisers, service providers and contractors;
To other persons connected with your account (e.g. company directors, partners, other account holder(s) etc.) and to your/their authorised financial advisers or other intermediaries;
To the Irish Credit Bureau (“ICB”) or relevant other credit agency (where credit facilities are availed of). Such agencies will record details of each search regardless of whether or not your application is successful, for a period of time;
In the context of a sale of the whole or part of our business and/or Account;
Where we are required by any regulatory body, law enforcement agency, court or other legal process; and/or
Where necessary to verify the authenticity of documentation provided to us.
The above disclosures may from time to time require the transfer of your Information to other countries. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you consent to the transmission by us of your data outside of the EU/EEA for the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions. We will not however transfer personal data to a country or territory outside of the EEA to a country that is deemed by the European Commission not to have adequate safeguards for data protection save where such transfer is made under a contract which includes the model contractual clauses approved by the European Commission to ensure there will be adequate safeguards for such data protection.

4. Electronic Communications and Phone Calls: Your Information may be processed, recorded and retained by us in electronic form. You agree, pursuant to the Electronic Commerce Act 2000, that KBCI may communicate with you electronically in relation to your Account(s), and that it may rely on such electronic communications, records, originals and documents in any dealing with you. As set out in Clause 7 we may also monitor and record telephone calls made to and from us for fraud and crime prevention, to assist in improving customer services, to evidence instructions or to prevent or resolve disputes. 16

5. Right of Access: In accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003 (“DPA”), you have the right, subject to certain exemptions, to receive a copy of all “personal data” (within the meaning of the DPA) and to have any inaccuracies in your personal data corrected. Personal data primarily relates to the following categories of information: your name, your address, your date of birth, your account number, your account balances, details of life policy and information you provided to the Bank in relation to the Account(s). If you would like a copy of the personal data to which you are entitled under the DPA, which is held by us, a written request is required. Such requests should be directed to The Customer Services Department, KBC Bank Ireland plc, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2. A small fee will be charged for such requests. Furthermore, you may be required to provide us with sufficient information in order that we can verify your identity and locate your data. If you inform us of any inaccuracy in your personal data, we will promptly correct the inaccuracy upon verification.

6. We may make such enquiries about you as we may from time to time consider appropriate and may provide information provided by you in the application for the Account and information in relation to the conduct of the Account to credit reference agencies. Credit reference agencies will keep for a period of at least a year, a record that a search has been made, and they will inform anyone else carrying out a search of the other searches made against such parties in that period.