Innovative Online Savings

These two online savings accounts are exclusively for KBC Current Account customers, offering you new and innovative ways to save your money.

Effective 18th December 2020 some Deposit Accounts will no longer be available to open. Please review our Deposit Rate Matrix (pdf, 60 KB) for a list of accounts or visit our FAQs for more information.
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Instant Interest Fixed Rate

Available to sole applicants only, exclusively through Online & Mobile Banking.

Interest accrued can be withdrawn directly to your KBC Current Account only (you'll need to give us a call to arrange.)

15 month fixed term account & withdrawals are only permitted at the end of the term.

Minimum Balance €3,000 Maximum Balance €100,000.

Smart Move Online Demand

Funds available on demand on the App with a KBC Current Account.

There is no Minimum Balance and a Maximum Balance €100,000 with interest added annually in December.

Only available to sole applicants, exclusively through our Online & Mobile Banking Service.

You can save what you want each month in to it by ‘sweeping’ (transferring) cash from your KBC Current Account automatically. Simply select the monthly date to ‘sweep’ and the minimum balance you wish to retain in your KBC Current Account after the sweep.

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The Need-to-Knows

Read the full details of the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 424 KB).

  • You may only open one Instant Interest Fixed Rate Account in your sole name. You may not hold an Instant Interest Fixed Rate Account in joint names. If you hold a Current Account in joint names you may only open an Instant Interest Fixed Rate Account in the sole name of one of the Joint Accountholders. Each Joint Account holder may open an Instant Interest Fixed Rate Account in their sole name

    Rates subject to availability. Unless the Bank receives instruction(s) from you on or before the maturity date, the full balance in the account will be reinvested in a similar fixed term product at the prevailing interest rate for that product on that date.

    If on the maturity date there is no similar fixed term product available, the full balance in the account will be reinvested in our Standard Demand Deposit account earning the then prevailing Standard Demand Deposit Account interest rate.

  • Smart Move Online Demand - Only available to sole applicants exclusively through our Online Banking Service. If you hold a Joint Current Account you must also hold a KBC Current Account in your sole name in order to open a Smart Move Online Demand Account.