Switch to a KBC Current Account

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Why don’t you change to a bank that’s all about you?

  • Free contactless payments when using a Debit Card for purchases in Euro
  • Free Cashback*
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking transactions
  • Free Direct Debit and Standing Order processing
  • Competitive Overdraft lending rates available
  • Step 1: Open a current account with us and complete your Switch Form, remembering to pick a suitable switch date (this should be a 7-10 working day time frame where there is a period of low activity on your account). Your old bank will start the account switching process from this date and will have 7 working days to complete their side of the process. You can opt to keep your existing account open or close your old account on your Switch Form.   

    Step 2: We will contact your old bank to arrange the transfer of all your Direct Debits and Standing Order payments from the switching date provided. Once you have received the listing of any Direct Debit and Standing Order payments from your old bank, check this information carefully and contact us immediately if you think something is not right. If you have direct debit originators that are outside of Ireland, you will need to notify them yourself of the changes to your account details.

    Step 3: If you are transferring your salary to your new account, you can complete a Salary Transfer From and we will forward this form onto your employer for you, or you can arrange yourself. Your new KBC current account will be open within 7 working days but it may take a little longer for the Direct Debit originators to update their records and present for payment on your new account. Any Standing Order payments will be setup by the KBC Account Switch Team once the correspondence is received from your old bank.  

    The information and forms you need to switch to KBC can be found in the 'Switching Pack' section.

    Note: Switching your account relates to switching a 'payment account'. A 'payment account' is an account that lets you lodge funds, withdraw cash, and make and receive payment transactions. It is the main bank account that you use for your day-to-day banking. Please check with your existing provider whether or not you can switch your payment account to one with another provider.

    It is not possible to switch to a KBC Basic Current Account.

  • 1: We’ll go through your form carefully and ensure everything is ready to complete your switch.
    2: We’ll tell your old bank that you’re moving and ask them for a list of all your direct debits and standing orders. Your old bank will update your direct debit originators with your new bank details. We will set up your standing orders.
    3: If you have returned your Salary Transfer Form to us, we will forward it to your employer on your behalf.
    4: Your old bank will complete the switching process within 7 working days. They will refund any stamp duty on any unused cheques you have returned (if applicable), and add any interest and or charges. They will transfer the balance to your new KBC Current Account, (if you are closing your old account) and send you a closing statement (if applicable).

  • If you decide to close your current account, here are some tips;

    • All active Direct Debits and Standing Orders on your old account will be cancelled with effect from your start date.
    • Any outstanding debit card or ATM transaction will be forwarded to your new bank and will be applied to your new account. You should ensure you have sufficient funds in both your old account and your KBC current during the transfer process so that you have access to your money and also to cover any un-cleared transactions, outgoing fees or charges due.
    • You will receive a refund of stamp duty paid on any unused cheques that are returned to your old bank.
    • Any interest or fees or charges due on your old account will be applied prior to it being closed.
    • Any credit balance held in your old account will be transferred to your new account.
    • You will receive a closing statement on your old account, you can also request a statement for the previous 12 months on your old account free of charge, should you require same.
    • You should refrain from using any cards or cheque book associated on your old account once the switching process has commenced.
    • If you have a debit balance on your old account which you wish to transfer to your new account, or if you require a credit facility, you will need to agree this with us in advance.


    Keeping your old account open:

    •  All active Direct Debits and Standing Orders on your old account will be transferred to your new account.
    • You are liable for any stamp duty on cards on both the old and new account.
    • You may receive/request a statement of the account for the last 12 months free of charge.
    •  You may need to notify some credit sources if you want payments to go to your new account.

The Need-to-Knows

*Cashback is at the retailers discretion and a purchase is required. A minimum amount may be necessary. Other fees and charges, including Cash withdrawals [ATM]charges if used, apply.

Full details of the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 424 KB) can be found here.

Lending criteria, underwriting, terms and conditions apply.