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Borrowing Application Long Form

Borrowings long form

Do you wish to transfer your existing balance?
Time with present employer
Length of time Self-Employed
Other income
Length of time at this address
Are you aware of any known future changes to your circumstances which may affect your ability to repay the proposed credit card facility?
Are you an employee of KBC Bank Ireland plc?
Are you a director of KBC Bank Ireland plc?
Are you connected professionaly and/or any way related to employee/director of KBC Bank Ireland plc?

The below documents contain important information relating to the Credit Card. We recommend that you read the documents and save a copy of them for your records. 

Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Credit Card Fees and Charges Booklet

Credit Card Standard European Consumer Credit Information

KBC Terms of Business

Have you ever been made bankrupt, applied for a Protective Certificate or been the subject of a Debt Relief Notice, Debt Settlement Arrangement or Personal Insolvency Arrangement under the Personal Insolvency Act 2012, made any arrangements with creditors, had any court judgments for debt made against you or been in arrears with an existing or previous loan?

I confirm and acknowledge that:

  • I wish to apply to KBC Bank Ireland Plc (the ‘Bank’) for a Credit Card and I meet the criteria set out above for  this application.
  • I will pay all fees and charges payable in connection with the Credit Card as set out in the Credit Card Fees and  Charges Booklet.
  • The information and details given in this application and any documentation provided in support of it are true,  accurate and complete and I understand they are subject to verification by the Bank.
  • I have no criminal convictions or pending prosecutions.
  • I consent to the Bank contacting my employer to verify my employment details and/or salary information for the  purposes of underwriting this application.
  • The Bank may offer me a lower credit limit than that which I have requested in this application.
  • The availability of the Credit Card is subject to the Bank's credit approval process and lending criteria, and the  Bank reserves the right to refuse my application.
  • The Credit Card is provided on the basis of this application and the Credit Card Terms and Conditions (the  ‘Agreement’).
  • I accept the terms of the Agreement and on the first use of the Credit Card by me I will be bound by the  Agreement.

I note that KBC Bank Ireland plc, its successors and assigns (“KBCI”) may undertake searches with credit reference agencies (including the Irish Credit Bureau and/or the Central Credit Register) as part of the application process and during the period of any credit facility provided by KBCI to establish my credit record. These searches will be conducted each time I apply for a new loan, overdraft or other credit facility and at the time of any extension or variation of an existing credit arrangement (e.g. annually in the case of an approved overdraft facility). Searches may also be conducted in the event of any breach by me of any credit agreement with KBCI and in the circumstances outlined in Clause 14 of the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions. Credit reference agencies may retain a record of such searches for a period of at least five years and they may disclose to anyone else carrying out a similar search of the other searches made against me in the previous two years. KBCI may use and retain any information received as a result of a credit search to (i) make credit decisions in relation to me and (ii) to review the operation, management and performance of a credit facility provided by KBCI and/or (iii) to help detect or prevent fraud and recover its property and/or (iv) for statistical purposes. I am aware that if I do not wish to consent to such searches being carried out KBCI may not be in a position to consider my application.

NOTICE: Under the Credit Reporting Act 2013 lenders are required to provide personal and credit information for credit applications and credit agreements of €500 and above to the Central Credit Register. This information will be held on the Central Credit Register and may be used  by other lenders when making decisions on your credit applications and credit agreements.

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