Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

Investment services have been harmonised in the EU from 1st November 2007 due to MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). The directive will affect all our customers buying investment and ancillary services.

The directive impacts on, among other things, bonds and derivatives transactions, and the provision of investment advice. The main objective of the directive is to improve investor protection, harmonise investment services and increase competition in the financial sector within the EU.

KBC Bank Ireland has already a high standard of customer handling in Europe. However, we have also adjusted both procedures and practices according to the new rules making it as easy as possible for our customers. These rules apply for both personal and corporate customers. Certain of the rules require that KBC Bank Ireland classify customers and provide them with appropriate products in line with our Best Execution Policy. 

Therefore, KBC Bank Ireland will:

  • Classify all our customers who buy investment and ancillary services from us;
  • Assess the suitability of a service for the customer;
  • Provide the customer with best execution when executing customer orders;
  • Provide our customers with a summary of our conflicts of interest policy.

Download the Conflicts of Interest Policy (pdf, 94 KB)

Download the Best Execution (pdf, 79 KB)Policy

Download the Suitability & Product Questionnaire (pdf, 151 KB)

Download the MIFID Terms and Conditions (pdf, 197 KB)

Download the MiFID II Product Pricing Grid (pdf, 112 KB)