Debt Hedging

KBC Bank Ireland offers a range of debt hedging services through its Corporate Treasury division.

Fixed Rate Loans

A fixed rate loan gives protection against rising interest rates meaning the borrower does not have to contend with varying loan payments that fluctuate with interest rate movements.

Interest Rate Swaps

An Interest Rate Swap is the exchange of one set of cash flows for another. Although a stand-alone product in its own right, this product can also be used to protect depositors from falling interest rates.

Currency Swaps

Currency swaps are, closely related to interest rate swaps except that they can involve the exchange of the same principal amounts at the start and maturity of the transaction. Interest flows are also exchanged during the life of the contract.

KBCI Treasury Department will offer advice when sought by the client in accordance with our MIFID Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available on our website or upon request